Beachbody Coach Summit 2010

I need to get packing already! I’m so excited to be attending this year’s Coach Summit with the Beachbody team. At last, I’ll get to meet the peeps I only know online and by phone. I will get to meet (or at least work out with) the trainers from all of the workout programs. From P90X to Insanity to TurboJam…they will all be there and I’m a little bit scared of what we’ll have to do!

I’m having a blast being a coach for Beachbody and I really do recommend it to anyone in love with fitness and health and just wanting to help get the word out to those who need a “nudge” in the right direction. There are no gym memberships necessary or sales gimmicks to deal with. Just join as a Beachbody member for free or become a club member (with some cool perks) and have your own online personal fitness coach who has done the programs and reaped the success. This proves you can succeed…no fads, no gimmicks, no kidding!

I will be posting all of the details about Summit next week but will be out of here until Monday. I wish you all a healthy and happy weekend. Just commit to doing something active each day at least 30 minutes. You are worth it! And believe, me, it DOES get easier the more you do it…I promise!

Let me become your personal “coach” by joining as a free or club member at my personal Beachbody website…you don’t even have to sign a contract! I’ll look for you and push you to your fitness goals…
Join today at:


How to make eating healthy an easier habit

In a perfect world, you would make all of your food and snacks from scratch to insure you were eating the best foods possible. In reality, however, we are so busy with all of life’s challenges and surprises and even if we were to plan out every menu, sometimes you have to improvise. How do you do that and still eat right?

The secret is to choosing foods with the least amount of ingredients. My new commitment is to scan the ingredient lists and if there are items listed that I cannot pronounce or have never seen, I put the product back on the shelf. Why would I want something in my body or my family’s bodies that I don’t know what it is, let alone cannot sound the words out!

Another great tip is to try something different. We are all adults here, we don’t have to scrunch up our faces and make whiny sounds when it comes to sampling a food that we never thought we’d eat. Why not? I tried beet juice today and mixed with some carrot juice, it’s pretty darn good! Yes, I did try to hold my breath as I first started to drink the stuff but when I realized the flavor wasn’t half-bad, I relaxed and enjoyed the entire glass! How’s that for growing up?

Listed here are some items you can purchase and have on hand to grab when in a pinch. Or you can use them in recipes you’d like to try out. Make a habit of buying one or two new and different items per week and eat or drink it as soon as you can! Maybe you’ll find a favorite food or drink, maybe you might hate it but find your significant other or even your children enjoy it! Life is about trying new things, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting back what you’ve always got. So, ready to “shake” up your food routines? Try some of these this very next week:

*Dr. Prager’s California Veggie Patties
*Jennie-O Turkey burgers
*Health is Wealth chicken patties
*Kashi red curry chicken
*4 oz. single serving tuna packets
*canned beans (black, kidney,cannellini) and/or chickpeas
*Kashi thin crust roasted vegetable pizza
*Precooked rotisserie chicken
*Van’s organic flax waffles
*Food for like Ezekial 4:9 cinnamon raisin english muffins
*whole-grain sliced bread
*Pre-cooked whole wheat pasta, like Buitoni 100% Whole wheat linguine
*Amy’s breakfast scramble wrap
*Amy’s roasted vegetable lasagne
*Amy’s light in sodium brown rice & vegetables bowl
*Uncle Ben’s ready rice-Whole grain brown(cooks in 90 sec)
*Near East Whole grain blends wheat couscous
*Bagged frozen fruit (mangoes, berries, etc)
*Frozen vegetables (green beans, mixed vegetables, etc)
*Frozen roasted red potatoes, like Alexia
*Fresh precut fruit (like cantaloupe chunks)
*Bagged precut stir-fry vegies(fresh or frozen)
*Bagged salad greens
*low-sodium canned or boxed soup or veggie chili; like Pacific, Amy’s and Health valley
*McCann’sInstant Irish Oatmeal
*100-Calorie packs of unsalted almonds or other nuts
*All-natural peanut butter,in regular or single-serve packets (like Justin’s)
*Slivered almonds and/or chopped peanuts
*Ready-made hummus and/or guacamole
*Single-serve yogurt, like Fage Total 0% or 2% Greek Yogurt
*The Laughing cow cheese wedges or Mini Babybel Light cheese rounds
*All-natural granola bars (like Nature Valley or Barbara’s Organic)

Also, you can whip up some fresh food items in a jiffy to create a quick meal or snack. You can use eggs to scramble up anytime. Great protein choice and you can enjoy them anytime of the day…not just breakfast! How about skinless chicken tenderloins and single-serving salmot fillets in your freezer? Quick, easy, and so good for you. And, my favorite quick snack, easy to eat whole fruits. Bananas can be thrown in your bag or eaten on the go. Same goes for apples, plums, pears, and so many more. Don’t ever leave home without something you can grab and eat quickly for some energy and to curb any last minute drive thru devastations. If you must stop for a quick “pick me up” at the “pick up” window, try these for the smartest picks of all. Just try not to do it more than once or twice a week!
*2 Fresco Soft Tacos (Ranchero chicken, 340 cal, 8g fat; Grilled Steak, 320 cal, 9g fat)
*Fresco Bean Burrito with Guacamole (375 cal, 11g fat)
*Grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoes and green beans (300 cal, 9g fat)
*Grilled chicken BLT salad with Light Italian dressing (230 cal, 7.5g fat)
*Hamburger with small fries (480 cal, 20g fat)
*Premium Southwest salad with Newman’s own Creamy Southwest Dressing (240 cal, 10.5g fat)
*2 slices Thin ‘n Crispy Pepperoni & Mushroom pizza (380 cal, 16g fat)
*2 slices Thin ‘n Crispy Veggie Lover’s Pizza (360 cal, 12g fat)
*Protein Plate with Peanut Butter (370 cal, 17g fat)
*Egg White spinach and Feta Wrap (280 cal, 10g fat)

So, let’s see if some tweaks in our day to day meal items can shed some unwanted weight and re-gain our energy and physiques we were truly meant to keep! Let me know what you will do or what you already are doing…

Benefits of working out at home versus the gym

Are you finding it a challenge to pack your gym bag each day? How about finding the time before and after work to actually get to the gym? What about parking and crowds…and on and on?

Most gym members sign up all excited to start their fitness journey. They purchase a monthly or yearly membership, buy new workout clothes and shoes and start planning their exercise plans in advance.

Then, reality sinks in. Do you really have to go today? Maybe we’ll fit it in before work. Oh, that’s too early, I wanted to sleep another hour. Then maybe I’ll go after work. I’ll have to pack my gym bag. Don’t forget a towel and water bottle. Oh, darn! I forgot to put my flip-flops in the bag! I can’t shower in those icky stalls without my flip-flops! Forget it, I’ll go tomorrow.

Wait, tomorrow is the night I had planned to go out for dinner. Okay, maybe in the morning. Umm…I guess I can make it up during the weekend. Wait, aren’t there large crowds at the gym on the weekends? Oh, forget it! I’ll just eat less this week!

We can make any excuse work for us at anytime. We can also work on cutting down reasons to make these excuses. Yes, they’ll still be available in other forms but we can eliminate the most popular ones and start by taking smaller steps forward.

I have been a “gym junkie” since the wee age of fifteen. That’s the year my mom took me and made me a bona fide gym member. I would attend morning classes with her on the weekends and during the week, we would go after school hours. I fell in love. My favorite instructor/trainer was named, Sylvia. She had the body to die for! I would attend all of her classes, listen to every piece of advice she would give us and followed her through the weight section for tips on building a strong and toned body. She sold me her favorite nutrition products. It was wonderful!

I enjoyed the environment so much that I then became certified and started teaching my own classes at the age of 18! Yes, I was quite “bumbly” and lost count many times in step class, but who cared, right? It was all about sweating and having fun. We would call members in front of class to lead their favorite aerobic move and the rest of us would follow along. We were wearing those crazy “thong” style leotards with see-through leggings and thick, braided headbands adorning our foreheads! Oh, those were the days!

I am now still instructing twenty-some odd years later (ahem). I still love the camaraderie of the members working out together for the result of looking fabulous! I love the music; the loud beat of the song to help motivate the next squat, lunge, whatever is on the agenda that day. It is a unique world. I also spent hours after my classes ended, working out on the machines and weight sections to further advance my results. It was great.

I don’t quite know what changed. I began running outdoors. Imagine that! I used to run endless miles on the dreaded treadmill. Boring! Now, I clip on my ipod and put on my sunglasses and I’m on my way! It’s never the same trail day in and day out. Sometimes I run on the sidewalks, roadsides, trails, hills, you name it. If I hear about a new route, I’ll gladly take it. What a high! Being outside, who knew?

Then, I cut out weight training in the gym to train at home with my Beachbody programs. I bought a pull-up bar. I invested in a few sets of weights and a resistance band. I bought P90X. I bought Insanity. I sweated and I changed programs up right and left. I bought Brazilian Butt Lift. What a hoot! But it’s tough! I still attended the gym to lead the few classes I still taught there and was surprised when members started to ask what I had changed? They noticed my body “leaned out” or I lost some weight or I toned certain areas differently. I realized what I was doing at home was liberating! I no longer had to answer endless questions from other (well-meaning, I might add) members while I was just trying to get through my workout and get on with my day. I no longer had to drive the 10-15 minutes to and from the gym. I no longer had to circle the parking area to find a close enough space so that my car would not be broken into. (which had been happening quite often) I no longer had to wait for a machine or weight or area or whatever to workout in my set amount time.

I now set my hours to work out at home in the earlier part of my day and I don’t worry about what I’m wearing. I don’t have to “fix” my hair or face or wear newer exercise clothing. I’m at home. I’m comfortable. I’m yelling out loud when I want to. I’m getting stronger. I have more endurance and I feel better.

I owe it to the fact that I am now in control. No more sweaty equipment (yech!), no more smelly, irritating, chatty people next to me. I am at home. And what happens when I grow tired or bored of the routine at hand? I simply log into my Beachbody account and purchase another fun, exciting, and challenging program. If I don’t like it, I can return it and try another. I save money. I save time. I am happy.

So happy, that I became a Beachbody Independent Fitness Coach. I love what I do so much that I wanted to share it with others. It also helps that I can save 25 % off all products now too!

Are you ready to get fit without stepping into the gym? Let me help you set up your own home gym. No expensive equipment required. In fact, with some of our programs, no equipment is needed. Just your attitude. I’m here to help YOU! Let me be your coach. Free of charge to lead you down your personal fitness path…Well?


You can be sneaky, right? Well, let’s “sneak” some activity into your day. I know, I’ve heard all your excuses by now, from you and everybody else. “I don’t have time”, “I’ll start next week, month, etc..”, “I don’t have the finances right now”, “I’m tired and can’t get motivated”…

Let’s start with your time problem. We all have the same amount of hours per day and the same amount of days per week. So, why are some of us able to fit our workouts or activity into our days and the rest seem lost? It starts with small changes. You don’t have to get dressed in your best workout clothes, put on your ‘exercise’ shoes and grab your gym bag in order to get the activity that your body requires. It can be as easy as these steps below.

First, just park further away from the entrance to anywhere. Maybe it’s your work office. By simply walking an extra block (which equals to 5 minutes in time) to and from your office each week, you will burn an extra 500 calories! That amounts to 26,000 calories per year….which is almost 8 pounds!

How about adding some short bursts of exercise throughout the day? Try doing jumping jacks during your favorite shows’ commercial breaks. Maybe do some pushups while you wait for the toaster or microwave to heat your food. Brushing your teeth two to three times a day? Add squats while cleaning your teeth!

Snowy or dirty sidewalks? Shovel or sweep them down as often as possible. Offer to help out your neighbors by cleaning their sidewalks too! Think of all the calories that are being burnt up while you work! It doesn’t hurt that the front yard looks amazing each day too.

I know you’ve heard this nugget before, but are you doing it? Always, always choose the stairs instead of elevators and escalators. It only takes maybe 1-2 minutes more in terms of time but the results can turn heads!

Let me know what you have been doing. If you haven’t started yet, let me know what you plan to change this week.

Tomorrow’s post: what are the pros to working out at home versus going to the gym?

You’re happy, aren’t you?

Are you happy? I mean, really, truly, ‘skipping and smiling through life’ happy?

Why not?

Is it because you still need to lose the last 5/10/15 pounds or more? Is it because you don’t have the energy to get through your busy days anymore AND find the time to “exercise”? Give me a break.

The reason you are not truly happy most of the time is simply because you “choose” to not be happy. We all have struggles in life. Some of us more than others, I’m well aware. But…you can still find something to be happy about. Can’t you?

Think about this question for a moment, “what three things am I most thankful for today?” Don’t just answer the typical “politically correct” responses. Actually sit for a moment, think about your life and answer what makes you smile. Just smile for no reason other than feeling “happy”.

I know mine. The first is my family. Now, I know this may sound like a politically correct response…and in some way, it probably is. However, when I am away and think about something they have done or said, I smile. I enjoy talking about them. You probably do too.

Okay, my second, is my life. Too broad? I can’t narrow it down much more than that , but I will explain it. I wake up most mornings with a full “to-do” list and start on it as soon as possible. One of my major tasks, and don’t roll your eyes at me, young person!- is my workout of the day. I have simply become addicted to exercise and how I feel after it’s over. I say it all the time, my favorite part of working out is when it’s over. And that feeling is, priceless. Then I do all the tasks of the day and when it’s all been said and done…I actually tell myself, aloud, “I love my life!” My personal opinion is the endorphins in my body create such a “high” feeling that I can’t contain myself. Oh, I saw that! You just rolled your eyes at me!

My final choice would have to be my life’s devotion. Call it what you want, God, religion, Higher Power, I really don’t care. I feel that life cannot be equal in any meaning without it. When you believe in something, it drives you each day. It helps you make difficult choices and decisions in life. It gives you meaning.

My three choices are not in any numerical number from highest to lowest or level of importance; instead they are all “intertwined” as one enormous, happy, feeling.

Do you love your life? If not, what can you do about it? Make some changes. Change your priorities. Change your life. You only get one…you may as well make it worth your while. Feel happy. Love and be loved in return. Let me know what your three favorite things in your life are by posting below. If not quite sure, let me know what you can do to “shake” things up so you can feel more satisfied and “happy”.

Here’s to you…here’s to a great and happy life. I look forward to reading your response!

Good morning, blog world! It was quite a busy weekend and Monday started off with some rain! I don’t know if I have been out of the local news “loop” but I never heard we had a chance of rain!
Yesterday, was Easter Sunday. Nice day with family and friends. It was a beautiful and sunny day. We went to church. Once home, we decided it was too nice of a day to let it go without enjoying the outdoors. Hubby and I decided to take a walk. Kids wanted no part of it. (Maybe next time, they said!) I changed into my “walking” clothes and laid down after my shoes were on only to feel the house “swaying”. Now, I thought, “I must be pretty darn tired! I’m getting dizzy now!” But hubby then asked, “Is this an earthquake?” I felt better about my state of balance and stayed in my horizontal position to enjoy the gentle rocking of the earthquake.
Now, I don’t usually “enjoy” earthquakes but this one seemed harmless enough. I waited for it to stop. I kept waiting. It didn’t seem to quit. Hubby and I looked at eachother as if to say “What is happening?” So, we both went downstairs to make sure kids were in proper placement…not quite sure what our plans were. Do we wait some more? Do we get under something? Do we go out into open space? It was bizarre how long this quake lasted.
Finally, it ended. I clicked online to find out the epicenter. Nothing. We turned the tv on to listen to local news. Nothing.
This was most confusing! Longest earthquake we had ever felt, yet no one else seemed to have noticed! Ahh…but then my phone started lighting up. Good ol’ Facebook notices. My friends had felt it and were busily posting their experiences. Someone finally wrote that it had been centered in Baja, Mexico.
Apparently, it started out slow as a 3.3 magnitude then jumped up the scale to a whopping 7.2! Needless to say, we didn’t want to walk as much anymore. We waited a bit for any aftershocks and decided to stay close to home. Walked a 3 mile loop and then headed home.
When I noticed the rain in the morning, it was another surprise. Hubby thinks the earthquake “shook” the weather up. I’m silently doubting his theory. He seems happiest when I don’t try to prove him wrong at all counts. So, I let him have his “earthquake brings on rain” idea. The kids roll their eyes skyward when he announces this thought to them. They are not morning kids, though, so maybe it was the wrong time to let them in on his thoughts.
All in all, it wrapped up to be an eventful weekend. Here’s hoping the week turns out to be a good one. Spring break for the kids is next week so they are counting the days. I am secretly counting until Spring break ends but keeping this information to myself as well.
Happy Monday, blog world! Make it a good one. Smile and do something special for yourself today!

Clean Eating

How’s your eating these days? Have the “New Year’s Resolution” plans failed miserably?
That’s only because you always try to do it all at once. I am challenging you to begin “eating clean”. What does this mean? It means eating only what is natural or closest to natural form. This includes, fruits, vegies, lean proteins, whole grains and limiting or cutting out the processed food “junk”.
I follow the “Clean Eating” habits as author Tosca Reno preaches. She has written books on the subject. She also can be found in the women’s fitness magazine, “Oxygen”. She is the editor and all of the recipes and eating plans contained in this magazine derives from the clean eating ideas.
You need to cut out caffeine. You should drink more water. You don’t have to count calories. Your body will begin to tell you when it needs more by…wait for it…HUNGER pangs! Who knew they still exist? But they do! And they are AMAZING!
This afternoon I stopped by an Asian market in our area and was amazed at the fresh seafood they sold! It was so affordable and I became inspired to create an exciting dinner. With three kids, it’s difficult to keep everyone happy with the menus and I tend to stick to their favorites over and over and over…you get it. It’s old. I stopped looking forward to dinner meals. Until today! I bought lots of fresh vegies and fresh trout (as recommended by the man behind the seafood counter) and came home to create my masterpiece dinner.
I didn’t even care that my husband came in the kitchen and commented, not in a “good way” either, on the fish heads in the pan! I calmly said they would be removed before placed on his plate! My youngest son was intrigued by the “different” foods being prepared. I created the sauteed vegie brown rice recipe in the “Clean Eating” cookbook. It smelled delicious and it looked so colorful! The trout, which I dipped in egg and some whole wheat flour before pan frying in a little olive oil, was divine!
Yes, it took more time than normal. But I was re-energized. I am re-inspired. Let’s make food fun again, people! Let’s be creative…yet take the time to actually enjoy the preparation. My kids will learn to like this way of eating…if I have anything to do with it!
Let’s cook and eat clean…start with your next meal!