Clean Eating

How’s your eating these days? Have the “New Year’s Resolution” plans failed miserably?
That’s only because you always try to do it all at once. I am challenging you to begin “eating clean”. What does this mean? It means eating only what is natural or closest to natural form. This includes, fruits, vegies, lean proteins, whole grains and limiting or cutting out the processed food “junk”.
I follow the “Clean Eating” habits as author Tosca Reno preaches. She has written books on the subject. She also can be found in the women’s fitness magazine, “Oxygen”. She is the editor and all of the recipes and eating plans contained in this magazine derives from the clean eating ideas.
You need to cut out caffeine. You should drink more water. You don’t have to count calories. Your body will begin to tell you when it needs more by…wait for it…HUNGER pangs! Who knew they still exist? But they do! And they are AMAZING!
This afternoon I stopped by an Asian market in our area and was amazed at the fresh seafood they sold! It was so affordable and I became inspired to create an exciting dinner. With three kids, it’s difficult to keep everyone happy with the menus and I tend to stick to their favorites over and over and over…you get it. It’s old. I stopped looking forward to dinner meals. Until today! I bought lots of fresh vegies and fresh trout (as recommended by the man behind the seafood counter) and came home to create my masterpiece dinner.
I didn’t even care that my husband came in the kitchen and commented, not in a “good way” either, on the fish heads in the pan! I calmly said they would be removed before placed on his plate! My youngest son was intrigued by the “different” foods being prepared. I created the sauteed vegie brown rice recipe in the “Clean Eating” cookbook. It smelled delicious and it looked so colorful! The trout, which I dipped in egg and some whole wheat flour before pan frying in a little olive oil, was divine!
Yes, it took more time than normal. But I was re-energized. I am re-inspired. Let’s make food fun again, people! Let’s be creative…yet take the time to actually enjoy the preparation. My kids will learn to like this way of eating…if I have anything to do with it!
Let’s cook and eat clean…start with your next meal!

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