Good morning, blog world! It was quite a busy weekend and Monday started off with some rain! I don’t know if I have been out of the local news “loop” but I never heard we had a chance of rain!
Yesterday, was Easter Sunday. Nice day with family and friends. It was a beautiful and sunny day. We went to church. Once home, we decided it was too nice of a day to let it go without enjoying the outdoors. Hubby and I decided to take a walk. Kids wanted no part of it. (Maybe next time, they said!) I changed into my “walking” clothes and laid down after my shoes were on only to feel the house “swaying”. Now, I thought, “I must be pretty darn tired! I’m getting dizzy now!” But hubby then asked, “Is this an earthquake?” I felt better about my state of balance and stayed in my horizontal position to enjoy the gentle rocking of the earthquake.
Now, I don’t usually “enjoy” earthquakes but this one seemed harmless enough. I waited for it to stop. I kept waiting. It didn’t seem to quit. Hubby and I looked at eachother as if to say “What is happening?” So, we both went downstairs to make sure kids were in proper placement…not quite sure what our plans were. Do we wait some more? Do we get under something? Do we go out into open space? It was bizarre how long this quake lasted.
Finally, it ended. I clicked online to find out the epicenter. Nothing. We turned the tv on to listen to local news. Nothing.
This was most confusing! Longest earthquake we had ever felt, yet no one else seemed to have noticed! Ahh…but then my phone started lighting up. Good ol’ Facebook notices. My friends had felt it and were busily posting their experiences. Someone finally wrote that it had been centered in Baja, Mexico.
Apparently, it started out slow as a 3.3 magnitude then jumped up the scale to a whopping 7.2! Needless to say, we didn’t want to walk as much anymore. We waited a bit for any aftershocks and decided to stay close to home. Walked a 3 mile loop and then headed home.
When I noticed the rain in the morning, it was another surprise. Hubby thinks the earthquake “shook” the weather up. I’m silently doubting his theory. He seems happiest when I don’t try to prove him wrong at all counts. So, I let him have his “earthquake brings on rain” idea. The kids roll their eyes skyward when he announces this thought to them. They are not morning kids, though, so maybe it was the wrong time to let them in on his thoughts.
All in all, it wrapped up to be an eventful weekend. Here’s hoping the week turns out to be a good one. Spring break for the kids is next week so they are counting the days. I am secretly counting until Spring break ends but keeping this information to myself as well.
Happy Monday, blog world! Make it a good one. Smile and do something special for yourself today!


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