Benefits of working out at home versus the gym

Are you finding it a challenge to pack your gym bag each day? How about finding the time before and after work to actually get to the gym? What about parking and crowds…and on and on?

Most gym members sign up all excited to start their fitness journey. They purchase a monthly or yearly membership, buy new workout clothes and shoes and start planning their exercise plans in advance.

Then, reality sinks in. Do you really have to go today? Maybe we’ll fit it in before work. Oh, that’s too early, I wanted to sleep another hour. Then maybe I’ll go after work. I’ll have to pack my gym bag. Don’t forget a towel and water bottle. Oh, darn! I forgot to put my flip-flops in the bag! I can’t shower in those icky stalls without my flip-flops! Forget it, I’ll go tomorrow.

Wait, tomorrow is the night I had planned to go out for dinner. Okay, maybe in the morning. Umm…I guess I can make it up during the weekend. Wait, aren’t there large crowds at the gym on the weekends? Oh, forget it! I’ll just eat less this week!

We can make any excuse work for us at anytime. We can also work on cutting down reasons to make these excuses. Yes, they’ll still be available in other forms but we can eliminate the most popular ones and start by taking smaller steps forward.

I have been a “gym junkie” since the wee age of fifteen. That’s the year my mom took me and made me a bona fide gym member. I would attend morning classes with her on the weekends and during the week, we would go after school hours. I fell in love. My favorite instructor/trainer was named, Sylvia. She had the body to die for! I would attend all of her classes, listen to every piece of advice she would give us and followed her through the weight section for tips on building a strong and toned body. She sold me her favorite nutrition products. It was wonderful!

I enjoyed the environment so much that I then became certified and started teaching my own classes at the age of 18! Yes, I was quite “bumbly” and lost count many times in step class, but who cared, right? It was all about sweating and having fun. We would call members in front of class to lead their favorite aerobic move and the rest of us would follow along. We were wearing those crazy “thong” style leotards with see-through leggings and thick, braided headbands adorning our foreheads! Oh, those were the days!

I am now still instructing twenty-some odd years later (ahem). I still love the camaraderie of the members working out together for the result of looking fabulous! I love the music; the loud beat of the song to help motivate the next squat, lunge, whatever is on the agenda that day. It is a unique world. I also spent hours after my classes ended, working out on the machines and weight sections to further advance my results. It was great.

I don’t quite know what changed. I began running outdoors. Imagine that! I used to run endless miles on the dreaded treadmill. Boring! Now, I clip on my ipod and put on my sunglasses and I’m on my way! It’s never the same trail day in and day out. Sometimes I run on the sidewalks, roadsides, trails, hills, you name it. If I hear about a new route, I’ll gladly take it. What a high! Being outside, who knew?

Then, I cut out weight training in the gym to train at home with my Beachbody programs. I bought a pull-up bar. I invested in a few sets of weights and a resistance band. I bought P90X. I bought Insanity. I sweated and I changed programs up right and left. I bought Brazilian Butt Lift. What a hoot! But it’s tough! I still attended the gym to lead the few classes I still taught there and was surprised when members started to ask what I had changed? They noticed my body “leaned out” or I lost some weight or I toned certain areas differently. I realized what I was doing at home was liberating! I no longer had to answer endless questions from other (well-meaning, I might add) members while I was just trying to get through my workout and get on with my day. I no longer had to drive the 10-15 minutes to and from the gym. I no longer had to circle the parking area to find a close enough space so that my car would not be broken into. (which had been happening quite often) I no longer had to wait for a machine or weight or area or whatever to workout in my set amount time.

I now set my hours to work out at home in the earlier part of my day and I don’t worry about what I’m wearing. I don’t have to “fix” my hair or face or wear newer exercise clothing. I’m at home. I’m comfortable. I’m yelling out loud when I want to. I’m getting stronger. I have more endurance and I feel better.

I owe it to the fact that I am now in control. No more sweaty equipment (yech!), no more smelly, irritating, chatty people next to me. I am at home. And what happens when I grow tired or bored of the routine at hand? I simply log into my Beachbody account and purchase another fun, exciting, and challenging program. If I don’t like it, I can return it and try another. I save money. I save time. I am happy.

So happy, that I became a Beachbody Independent Fitness Coach. I love what I do so much that I wanted to share it with others. It also helps that I can save 25 % off all products now too!

Are you ready to get fit without stepping into the gym? Let me help you set up your own home gym. No expensive equipment required. In fact, with some of our programs, no equipment is needed. Just your attitude. I’m here to help YOU! Let me be your coach. Free of charge to lead you down your personal fitness path…Well?


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