So, this week was catch-up week from a hectic week last week and being at the conference all weekend for Beachbody. I have to say, the excitement was addicting and quite overwhelming, which is just saying that the peeps at BB made the impression they wanted!

On the same topic of enjoying myself and getting super-hyped for my biz…I was a bit disappointed on the FB front. It seemed like every post was regarding BB and Summit and Tony and Shaun and Charlene and on and on. Not that I have anything against any of these people and the company as a whole…I admire them completely! BUT it was BB this and BB that and P90X this and Insanity that, ad nauseum. It seemed that the dreaded “NO” that was ingrained in us all weekend was happening…the business was being spammed by some!!! OMG!

I caught a post regarding someone’s dislike and distaste for using FB for BB and it’s business. I had to speak up and stand up for the Coaches (like myself) who do it for the RIGHT reasons. It’s not for popularity or who’s the best at selling Shakeology, it’s for the prizes!! JUST KIDDING!! I mean, it’s honestly for the people who need to exercise and eat right and have no idea where to begin, need accountability, ideas, motivation, products, etc. It’s for fighting obesity in America. It’s about the children who are becoming larger each year. It’s for sedentary lifestyles. It’s for you.

All in all, I love what I do. I admit the negative feelings were a bit overwhelming and I took a whole evening to just absorb it all and re-affirm my passion for this job. I want to change people’s ideas on fitness…even if it’s one person at a time. I want everyone to feel confident, beautiful (or handsome), sexy and capable. I grew up very insecure, with horrible body confidence. I thought if I just starved myself or tried some wierd fad that I would achieve the feeling of security. I learned it isn’t possible. I learned you have all the control you need to create the changes. It doesn’t take a lot of money. It doesn’t even take a lot of time. It just takes a plan and accountability and continuity. It can start here…with Beachbody…contact me today if you would like to chat or ask me questions today!


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