My Recovery Day

So much training, I’m excited today happens to be a “rest” day! I actually had to take the morning off from my gym classes too; which really allowed my body a break. My daughter had her high school registration set for 7:30 am and we didn’t get home until after 10:00am.

Even though, I woke up early, as usual, it was a different feeling to not jump into my workout gear. I think it’s more challenging for me to NOT work out than to actually exercise because of the guilty feelings I am plagued with. I actually am relishing in this day. I have been feeling a bit “run down” from so many activities and the taxing running program that I have been following.

Today is Friday. I am now finished with most of the tasks which needed to be completed this week and since I am my own boss; I can now take the kids and sit by the pool for the remainder of my “relaxing” day! I know most of you think I am constantly “moving” and most of the time, you would be correct. Which is why I wanted to share the guilty pleasure of not doing anything at all for one amazing day! I will lay at the pool, swim a bit and visit with family. Above all else, my body will be able to recover and rest up for what I will push it to do tomorrow!

Here’s to a beautiful day; wherever you may be. Enjoy your blessings, enjoy your family and friends! Do something special for yourself as a reward for your hard work this past week. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Do it now, the enjoyment is priceless!


Let’s get serious, people! I know your life is filled with “busy-ness” and you are juggling a “million” different tasks each day and you are responsible for so many others and you are tired and there aren’t enough hours in the day and not enough days in the week and you need to relax when you get home and, and, and…

When will the excuses end? Now, I’m not calling anyone a “liar”, I know how busy you are with every single day of your life. Don’t you think the people who are making the time to exercise and eat right have busy lives too? Or are they part of an “elite” and lucky group of people who just have extra time to lavish in their healthy habits? GET REAL!!

Too harsh? Well, I don’t know how else to make this point. I feel like I’m repeating myself and it doesn’t get through to most people. I know you can succeed. Do you believe that statement? Yes, I’m talking about YOU! The one reading this; YOU!! I know you can succeed. I can prove it. The thing is, I need your commitment.

I have thrown out a challenge that only takes a few minutes each day and at least 5-6 days of exercise, per week. The exercise can be anything you enjoy. Try walking, jogging, video programs (, gym classes, park workouts, bootcamp groups, biking, spinning, etc. The choices are endless but you need to get in about an hour each of these days. I know this may sound like a lot of time but if you schedule it into your daily life; it becomes just another “appointment”. And believe me, it starts to become something you look forward to (after the initial feelings of starting up subside) and you choose to make that the highlight of your day. Do I enjoy my workouts? Hell, NO!! But I do love when I’m finished. I lavish in the moments, as I’m stretching the muscles that I’ve “pulverized”, that I DID it!! It’s over and I’ve succeeded at something today! Wow, what a high!

It is a natural high. This endorphin rush is the feeling I look forward to each time I start another workout. So, are you up to the task? Or are you going to let it pass you by and continue to throw out excuses why “you” aren’t in the lucky group to have the time and energy to be fit and healthy? I think I need to call your bluff…

It’s the 30 day Shakeology challenge. Order the stuff now. Weigh and measure your body prior to the month challenge and record those numbers. Every day for a month, drink a serving of Shakeology; you can add ingredients or not, it’s up to you. After the month is over, re-weigh yourself and re-measure yourself. If you don’t have any changes and if your energy hasn’t increased; let me know. I will send you a FREE and personalized meal plan to get your diet in order. This is something that is offered through a club membership; so if you already have that, I’ll send you something else for free. The point is, I know you’ll have success. I know this will “jump start” your results. If you aren’t happy, return the bag and get your money back. You should never have to pay for something that doesn’t “work”. I’m a firm believer in that. Take my word for it; or just keep complaining! I’ll post a video to describe it, in more detail!!

My Training

Here it is, almost the end of summer and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed my training for the upcoming 1/2 marathon. I am attempting my very first 1/2 this coming September 5th at Disneyland with a group of friends. Now, I realize you cannot go into it expecting to actually run with all of your friends but the training has been great fun and the inspiration has been high!

I found out how much I can actually run and not collapse into a heap; as previously thought. With the right training schedule, proper nutrition, water intake and sleep; the results are endless! I ran last week for just under 2 hours and actually have been bettering my time per mile, than ever before! Today, I will run for 45 minutes but it’s an “easy” run so I actually look forward to it!~

What have you taken on this summer? Have you added a new fitness regime to your schedule? Have you tried new types of sports or activities? I recommend trying something that may be slightly out of your “comfort zone”, at least once each season. That should keep you interested and your body guessing at all times!

I will post more on my running training and I wish you a successful day ahead; don’t forget to schedule in some activity for yourself before it gets too late in the day!

For more motivation, as always, sign up for FREE as my member and I will make it my mission to make sure you succeed!