My Recovery Day

So much training, I’m excited today happens to be a “rest” day! I actually had to take the morning off from my gym classes too; which really allowed my body a break. My daughter had her high school registration set for 7:30 am and we didn’t get home until after 10:00am.

Even though, I woke up early, as usual, it was a different feeling to not jump into my workout gear. I think it’s more challenging for me to NOT work out than to actually exercise because of the guilty feelings I am plagued with. I actually am relishing in this day. I have been feeling a bit “run down” from so many activities and the taxing running program that I have been following.

Today is Friday. I am now finished with most of the tasks which needed to be completed this week and since I am my own boss; I can now take the kids and sit by the pool for the remainder of my “relaxing” day! I know most of you think I am constantly “moving” and most of the time, you would be correct. Which is why I wanted to share the guilty pleasure of not doing anything at all for one amazing day! I will lay at the pool, swim a bit and visit with family. Above all else, my body will be able to recover and rest up for what I will push it to do tomorrow!

Here’s to a beautiful day; wherever you may be. Enjoy your blessings, enjoy your family and friends! Do something special for yourself as a reward for your hard work this past week. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Do it now, the enjoyment is priceless!


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