"One of those days"

Today, I felt it.  I was so ready to just let me workout pass me by.  My hip flexors are tight; I’m tired from a lack of sleep and I have so much to get done today…maybe I can just skip my workout?  Who’s gonna know?

I AM!!!  This type of stinkin’ thinking gets us into so much trouble and it all starts with “one of those days”.  Have you ever done this?  You wake up in the morning with a billion and five things to get done, you’re overscheduled, tired and a bit cranky, to be quite honest!  You look at  your calendar and figure, what the heck, I’ll just skip today’s workout and get back on it tomorrow.  But tomorrow turns into another “tomorrow”; because since one day has been passed on, what harm is there in another?  Then another, and another, etc…

Don’t let this pattern happen to you.  Just get the workout done as soon as  you can, for crying out loud!  Honestly, you will feel the energy in your body increase and your happy mood will overshadow the crankiness because you were worth it to work out this amazing day! 

I looked at my Insanity program and realized I had to do Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs back to back today.  What???  But I don’t wanna!!  Well, I kicked and screamed a bit (mostly in my mind) and then set myself out to complete the day’s challenge.  The most amazing thing happened afterward, it was DONE!!  I could go on with my day with a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders!  I am better than the procrastination that builds up.  I am worth the extra 30-60 minutes it takes to get my sweat on!  I am an example to my children and others in my community. 

If it will help you to continue, become an “example” for yourself!  There are so many ways to do this; become a Coach through Beachbody (they have so many tools for you to succeed!), become a group fitness instructor, start a workout group in your neighborhood, or come up with your own ideas.  Let me tell you the gratitude you will receive from helping others is worth more than anything you can ever purchase!  It also will help to keep you motivated on your goals.  If you have reached your milestone, start a new one!  Never stop challenging yourself; both mentally and physically.  Never stop moving, never give up.  Maybe you need to slow down a bit at times to stay above water but don’t ever give up entirely.

If today is just “one of those days”, what are you doing to push past the excuses?  Make today your day to succeed and live!!!


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