Fort Lauderdale, we have arrived!

We have finally made it to Florida and ready for our much-anticipated Beachbody trip this next week!  I flew out from LAX with fellow Beachbody Coach, Coni Constantine.  We chose to fly the “red-eye” flight so we wouldn’t have to rush around the last minute and look haggardly!

We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL at 6am EST; but body stuck at 3am PST!  Not much sleep on the plane either.  How does one even SLEEP in the upright position; afraid to fall onto your unsuspecting neighbors during flight?  I think I slept a total of 6 minutes; out of the 4 hours but it was a restful sleep.

Our trip was non-eventful, to say the least.  We arrived into the cold morning weather and caught a hotel shuttle to where we would reside the night.  I was a bit hopeful to be able to check-in a few hours early; albeit it was 6 in the morning and check-in is usually at 3pm…but who’s counting, anyway?  

The staff was adamant they were fully booked and would need to wait for guests to checkout before we could find a room.  We carried our heavy luggage to the lobby and proceeded to collapse into the nearest couch.  The next few hours were spent watching coverage of the awful earthquake in Japan, touching base with friends via texts and FB before moving to the diner for our breakfast. 

This became a wonderful experience of the start to an equally eventful day.  Our wishes to eat as healthfully as possible was attempted by asking the chefs to cook our omelets with egg whites only and no butter.  They must have not heard us quite well since they poured butter into the pan more than once.  I began to object, to which I was told, but it isn’t “oil” we use but “butter” and we need it to flip the omelet.  Hmmmm…I seem to do just fine at home with my non-stick spray and the eggs STILL seem to flip well-enough.  But I agreed to trust their judgement!

We were asked many times how many sausages we would like, to which we both exclaimed, “NONE”!  This seemed to humor the male chef but the female wouldn’t smile at us; maybe she’s a serious soul.  The meal seemed to be relaxing and we decided to get our coffee and returned to the table being cleaned off; no remaining food in sight!  Blasted…

Second attempt at an omelet; this time a bit less “butter” but for some reason, it seemed to flip quite well anyway!  This meal was just what our bodies needed for some much-needed energy!  We then asked the front desk again to check in but were again told that there were no rooms available yet.  

Coni downloaded a Cathe Friedrich exercise video and due to my lack of sleep, it seemed a logical reason to start working out with the DVD in the middle of the lobby.  Looking back at it now, I can imagine it seemed quite odd that two grown women were working out to a fitness video in the middle of a busy hotel lobby but it just felt right!  Yes, people gawked.  We replied with, “Free workout!”  and “We’ll be here tomorrow too!”  Nobody seemed to take the bait and join us.  Maybe next time…

Our next excursion for the day was to catch the complimentary shuttle to the local “mall” to purchase some last minute items for our trip.  Excitement, indeed!!  We barely made the shuttle and sat down in the last remaining seats; this should be fun!  Cut to us turning into a small strip “mall” with Winn-Dixie and Big Lots as the main “chains”.  This couldn’t be right!  Where were our malls from California?  Was this a prank?  I was sure Ashton Kutcher would be hiding around the corner laughing hysterically that this would actually be considered a “mall”.  He never showed up.  

Deep breaths and re-assessment of our location lead us to peruse the area.  Maybe laughter is really the best medicine.  Maybe not everyone gets Coni and my jokes; but the day continued to entertain!  

I look forward to the next week and what it will bring for us.  Thank you, Beachbody for this opportunity and thank you, Coni Constantine for believing in me and giving me this chance of a lifetime!  I will make everyone proud…or at least laugh about it!

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