Be the Leader~

Most people have a difficult time adding in healthy, new habits.  It usually takes an extreme situation to push someone to lose weight or get healthy.   Take, for instance, the Biggest Loser television show.  These folks are not just “a little overweight” and their health is at such a high risk stage; yet they have not been able to shed pounds or change the way they eat until they are forced to do so.  

This show is about extremes.  Extreme “last chance” workouts, the doctor visits where they are told how close to death they actually are and heart-wrenching stories from their past issues.  What about the rest of the nation who are overweight or obese?  Must we get to the extreme phase before we acknowledge that we need help?  When are you going to be the leader you need to be to help those around you?    

We all have a responsibility to our children, families, and community.  If the “norm” is to eat fast food three times each day and sit on the couch or chair, what would make anyone want to change?  It takes the decision to become a “leader”, simply by changing your own habits and letting the results speak for themself.  How many times have you noticed a friend or family member lose weight and were inspired to do so yourself?  How about when you noticed your neighbors walking the block each morning and decide that you could do that too?  It doesn’t take much to inspire; but you have to do something.

The hardest part is to simply ‘start’.  Once we have the rhythm, it will become easier and eventually, you will crave it.  Our bodies know what it needs to feel good.  Have you ever felt lousy before a workout and forced yourself to do it anyway?  How did you feel after a few minutes?  Chances are, your energy increased and you felt happier and less stressed.  These are the benefits of the beginning stages.  Once we get into the habit of continuing regularly, we then notice the changes our bodies take on.  Inches and pounds start to dwindle.  Definition in muscles become pronounced.  We walk taller and smile more.  We look people in the eyes and are interested in life.  

This isn’t a “drug” but it might as well be.  The feeling is worth the extra hour you need to get up in the morning.  The feeling and results are worth the sore muscles and intense reps you need to power through to finish.  Whatever your goals are; know that they are possible and can only start when you finally ‘decide’ to begin.  

Decision is key.  Once you decide, you pick a plan and you plan your schedule.  Once you plan your schedule, you commit to the daily, weekly and monthly workouts.  Once you commit to these workouts and continue; only then can you truly succeed.  Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Be a leader.  Lead others by inspiring them through your success and journey.  Be proud of your results and share them when possible.  It isn’t ‘bragging’ but ‘inspiring’.  Tell me this, if you saw one of your friends start a program and begin to look and act happier and younger, wouldn’t you ask what they were doing and actually contemplate following in their footsteps?

Decide today.  I did and I’ll never look back.


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