My Journey through the Asylum!!

Here I sit, with booklets and workouts in hand, planning out my next 30 day journey.  I have made the commitment to chronicle my journey through Shaun T.’s latest workout program; Insanity/Asylum!  

There will be a Fit Test and I will complete that on Sunday with my measurements and weight.  I will also be following his eating plan; especially strict for the first 2 weeks…which he stresses.  I am committed to change my body in a whole new way within the next month.

What exactly does this entail?  There is an eating plan to follow and this needs to be on target for best results!!  Eating frequently is number 1 on the list of priorities.  Mini-meals take the place of larger meals throughout your day for best energy and metabolism boost.  The order of meals is important too; Shaun recommends to eat your largest meal in the morning and your lightest meal in the evening.  It’s important too, to limit your portions.  Portion size has become a problem in our nation and should be recognized and adjusted.  Since there are no plans for this change anytime soon, we can shift our own portion sizes at home, and in our families’ meals.

Eating lean foods is another key element to this program.  The easiest way to explain this idea is to think of “Clean Eating” as your guidelines.  Lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats will guide you towards success in terms of energy and fat loss.  Dairy is a “no-no” on Shaun’s plan and should be replaced with almond or rice milk.  Cheese should be omitted, altogether.  

Hydration; even though we may already know this, making it a top priority during this plan will only help further your results.  Obviously, no fruit juices or sodas of any kind are allowed.  Alcohol should be limited to an occasional glass of red wine, but not during this challenge!  

What about supplements?  Shaun encourages the use of both Shakeology and Results and Recovery drink.  The key is to enjoy these when your body requires them.  Recovery drink should be enjoyed within one hour of completing your day’s workout.  Shakeology can take the place of breakfast or another meal.  

So, there you have it!  I’m feeling the jittery feelings of excitement and a bit of apprehension due to the extreme taxing workouts that are sure to come.  I’m ready.  I’m committed.  And I will earn my “I’m Committed” t-shirt from completing this program!

Get ready to see the change…are you ready to take this challenge on?

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