Today is Sunday, April 17th and I am gearing up to start The Asylum program tomorrow.  This is Shaun T.’s next phase after Insanity and I have to be honest; I’m a bit nervous!  I will blog about the entire program, which is only 30 days instead of the 60 days and that should say something about how extreme this may be!  I’m ready…

I completed my Fit Test this morning and have to say how happy I was that my “numbers” were close to or even higher than some of the guys who were in the program!  Yay, for Insanity which obviously brought my fitness level to a higher status.  Here are my numbers for this week:
There are 9 exercises in all and I will post the numbers according to how the exercises are done in the video…
#1: 9 reps
#2: 44 reps
#3: 28 reps
#4: 74 reps
#5: 5.4 reps (you will know what the “.4” means when you try it!)
#6: 30 reps
#7: 4.5 reps
#8: 14 reps 
#9: 11 reps

I will post these results again after the 30 days are up.  I am working to earn my “I’m Committed” t-shirt which you can earn after you complete this program.  I also am chronicling my progress with the workouts and eating plan.  I will post my measurement and weight changes and also how I feel during and after the workouts and program.  

Shaun allows you one week’s rest after the 30 days are complete and then the option to continue.  The exciting part of this is, you can use his hybrid schedule and work either the Insanity program or P90X program into the Asylum for a total of 90 days.  This is only an option but I’m excited to see it’s all mapped out for us!!

If you want to share in this journey, please message me!  I’d love to hear of your progress and send you some support and motivation.  It doesn’t have to be this particular program, either.  Pick any plan and commit to it 100%; diet and exercise.  You will see the changes happen in a shorter amount of time which will help to keep you committed and excited due to your results!

Here’s to really digging deeper…

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