Asylum; Day 1!

First things first, I was exceptionally nervous and excited all at the same time for this new program!  By completing Insanity more than once, I feel like I can take on any challenge; but at the same time, this was Shaun T. again back for more and I had the feeling it wasn’t going to be any easier than his previous program.

I also have to mention the fact that this program is half the time frame as Insanity is and it promises more and extreme results.  This only can mean it won’t just be more intense than Insanity, but it will done in just one month; instead of the previous two.

Aside from the drama I was stirring up in my mind, I needed a change in my routine and wanted more results in my body.  That is the reason for my excitement in starting.  I wrote out my meals for the week and completed my grocery shopping during the weekend so there would be no surprises or lack of ingredients.  I am not the best participant on eating plans which make me hungry; I tend to turn into a bear and feel absolutely awful without enough food.  This would have to be a wonderful plan in order for me to even try stick with it!

So, day #1; I awoke at 5:30 am and went immediately to the workout of the day, “Strength & Agility”.  What a rush!  Intense bouts of work, all the while working on bettering my form.  Shaun stresses form in this program more than speed, as he does in Insanity.  Once your form is key, only then does he ask you to push for speed.  I will answer a few questions regarding my opinion on this first day of workout.

1.  Is the workout hard at first?  How hard?  Well, let me start by saying, YES!!  Shaun starts the warmup with a jumprope and many variations for the feet to confuse us more while we try our best not to trip on the rope itself.  This proved to be a challenge to me but I stuck with it.  Did I trip up on the rope?  You bet!!  But I restarted each time and continued to do my best on the footwork and time challenges.  The one thing that continued to bother me was the fact that Shaun continues to tell us this day is just like “practice” for the real game.  Ummm….excuse me?  This felt like the Olympic games and now you’re telling me it’s only practice?  I’ll have to get back to you on that after I take on the actual game he is referring to!

2.  What is your athletic passion?  My passion is to just be better.  Better than who or what, you ask?  Just better than anyone who I come in contact with!  Yes, I am that competitive and this is what keeps me going.  I hate to run; but I continue to look for another race to enter so I can beat it!  I don’t play team sports but I love to workout in groups for the team support and camaraderie.  I just want to be the fittest that I can be.  Enough said on that!

3.  Did you follow the Get Shredded meal plan?  This meal plan is the one I prepared for this past weekend and it is recommended to follow for 14 days and then try to eat as close to the plan as possible. I am happy to see it will only be strict for 1/2 the time of the program; but I hope to stay as close to the plan as I can for maximum results.  After all, that’s what I’m after; my maximum results!!!  In fact, I’m after the maximum results period!!!  No Kidding!!! 

4.  Did you use the speed rope and agility ladder training tools?  Yes!  I actually love these tools and the agility ladder adds another variation to the “Insanity” like exercises since it forces you to use better form and not mess up the ladder.  We are instructed to stop and fix the ladder if we mess it up.  In fact, if you mess it up during the Fit Test, your reps done with a messy ladder are “NULL”!!  In today’s workout, Shaun instructs us to stop and do pushups if we mess up the ladder.  Wow!!  Talk about intense…

I ate my meals from the meal plan and have to say I wasn’t even a little bit hungry until after 3:00 pm.  That’s huge for me!  I ate my 4th meal just before I started on dinner and this really helped.  I stuck with my dinner plans knowing that I can enjoy a Shakeology later.  What a treat for the evening!  This program may just be the plan I needed, after all!!  I will post and blog throughout the month and if you have questions for me, please post below!!

Now, it’s time for bed!!!


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