Asylum; End of week 1

Day 1

Day 7
So, I survived more than a week of Insanity/Asylum and I can now post my results so far!  I already noticed huge changes in my body; even though it’s just been seven days.  The meal plan is extremely “Clean” and quite rigid.  You are supposed to eat your largest meal for breakfast (as I usually do) and the next meals continue to get smaller as the day goes on.  My biggest challenge has been the lack of whole wheat carbs.  The carbs that we eat on this program are primarily fruits and vegetables.  There are a few breakfast meals that incorporate one or two pieces of whole wheat toast and a pat of butter is to be enjoyed only once or twice per week.
I now understand how Shaun T. achieved his “unreal” abdominals!  The secret to your six pack abs are in the nutrition.  Of course, exercise and abdominal work help to strengthen the muscles but if you have a layer of “fat” covering these beautiful muscles; how can one see your six pack?  I have struggled with my eating in terms of quantity; not quality.  My diet has consisted mostly of clean, wholesome foods for almost two years now but the issue is the size of my meals.  I am what you would call a “large eater”.  What I mean is that I enjoy eating lots of food to feel satisfied and I dislike feeling hungry since it makes me feel grumpy and light-headed.  
How does one continue through a challenge like this one?  I have found that by eating every 2 hours, 3 at the most, I am able to cut down on the size of my “meals”.  I enjoy many salads and lean proteins with each meal and find that my palate has been quite satisfied; especially since I am able to enjoy my chocolate Shakeology once or twice a day.  This helps hit my chocolate craving and also supplements my nutrition gaps that I may be suffering, due to the decrease in calories and other foods typically enjoyed.
What ever your current challenge, don’t short-change yourself.  You can push through any challenge for a certain amount of time.  Make Clean Eating a lifelong habit but add certain challenges into your life by incorporating different foods or cutting back on your less-than-Clean choices.  I hope to hear from you and what you are currently working to achieve.  My commitment is strong and I will continue to share my progress throughout this month-long program!


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