I am someone you could typically label a “control freak” and have issues in asking for help.  What’s the point if I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself; better and quicker?  

Let me answer my own question for you.  Because it makes life easier.  Seriously, easier.    
I will give you an example.  My current workout plans have brought to my attention an annoying knot in the back of my leg.  It literally starts just behind my knee (or glute…not sure where anymore because it’s all relative!) and travels all the way up and down my leg.  Ouch.  So, the controlling part of me has tried to massage it myself, tried to stretch it myself, tried to do whatever can hopefully help me out and remedy this irritating pain.  No help.  I’ve decided to ask (or whimper) for help…
Massage is my best friend, these days.  I made an appointment and asked someone for help.
I know this may sound like a silly example but it’s the truth.  Are you currently struggling with an issue that may be helped along by asking someone for help?  It can pertain to anything in your life.  Go ahead and ask.  It may even start a new habit!  
Most of our challenges in our lives tend to build up and seem impossible to complete, sooner or later.  Take for instance, wanting to follow a specific meal plan to lose weight or feel better about our health.  It seems logical to take this on independently, since it will, ultimately, benefit ourselves only.  Right?  Wrong.
Here’s where it goes wrong.  We are busy with work, life and schedules.  Although at first, we may make it a priority to add this new healthy change into our daily practice, as time goes on and we fall back into our “normal” routines, we tend to let the new habits slide.  No time to make the food list for the grocery store?  No problem, we’ll just “wing it” this time and get to it “tomorrow”…right?  What about when you don’t even feel up to loading up on fruits and vegetables as your stock starts to dwindle?  Who will notice if you have pizza one night with the rest of your family?  Wouldn’t it be easier to ask someone in your family to stop at the store during their day to pick up a few extra items?  
There’s also the issue of asking for support in these new habits.  There are many “sabotagers” out there who would rather have you join their misery than support you on a new change.  You can sit down and explain why this is important to you and ask for their support.  They can choose to say yes or no; but at least you know you were able to “ask” for their help.  The same is true when we don’t ask for support out of lack of confidence in our own capabilities.  Just ask; you may be surprised at the response.  And if you are met with resistance and non-compliance; move on and do what you can with the support you have.  
This comes from my own experience of not being able to ask for help without actually “forcing” myself to do so.  I’m still a work in progress but it’s definitely improving.  I can now ask for help with the housework, grocery shopping, errands, and minial tasks that don’t require my presence to be completed.  I’m working on moving to larger areas, but for today; the upcoming massage I have finally succumbed to is the highlight of my day!!  Of course, followed by the fact that my body made it through the Plyo work out today…


Life is too ironic. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence.  This saying speaks volumes to me today.  I can say that in order to see what you really appreciate in life, you need to take a large step away for the chance to “see” it.  

Absence.  They say it makes the heart grow fonder.  You can only believe this if you have experienced the feeling.  The funny thing is it doesn’t have to be a person or place, it can relate to anything you hold dear yet sometimes take for granted.  I am reminded by this fact more and more these days.  We have only been in Australia for a little over two months, yet our family has been through so many changes and adjustments; that it seems like two years.  Not that it hasn’t been enjoyable.  It has been, probably one of the most joyous experiences of my life.  

And now, I’m exhausted.

Our capabilities are almost limitless; if we allow our minds to always look for the best.  Of course, life isn’t always simple and it’s in these challenges that create the person we were meant to become.  What challenges have pushed you lately?  How did you respond?  My heart and soul feel reinvigorated these days and I look forward with great anticipation in what lies ahead for us. 

It was just a few months ago that I was complaining, to myself and anyone who would listen, that I wanted “off” of the treadmill of my life of chaos and too much busy-ness.  I imagined a life of peace and calm by just “walking away” to greener pastures.  hmmmm….sounds like a cliche to me.  But that’s exactly what I felt we were doing.  Moving to another country to see if it would benefit our lives and family.  Slower lifestyle.  More family time.  yada yada yada…

The truth of the matter was that, in fact, I did find what I was looking for.  The unimagineable (but always dreamed about) happened to our little family.  Instead of being angry and hostile with eachother because we weren’t able to keep up with the daily tasks that overtook our days, we started to learn what each individual was lacking from the rest of us.  How can I help my daughter feel more secure?  How can I learn to listen and respond to her as an individual and not just my “child”? How can my son be challenged in order to feel capable?  How can I give him the resources to use his strengths to overcome his weaknesses? How does my husband feel like an individual who can find what truly brings him happiness?  How can I insist he decide to do just that? How can I curb my over-enthusiastic self and focus on the most important tasks that bring me the most joy and satisfaction? How can I do all these and still work on my patience? These can sometimes be overlooked with daily chores and the steady hum-drum of our lives.  

This country has helped our little family do all that and more.  I’m intrigued for more.  Then the question was, what do we do now?

We came to a unanimous decision to return to where we started and take it from there.  It really doesn’t matter exactly “where” we are but “who” we are and how we treat those around us.  I believe we have all learned invaluable lessons to help us along the next journey.  Are you taking into account what you have learned this past week? month? year?  They are there, whether or not you realize it; although you would be much better off to sit back and “realize” these subtle changes.

I’m overwhelmed.  I am truly excited for the rush of the next chapter.  When I sit back and look at what we’ve done so far, I’m amazed.  How did we do it?  Why did we do it?  That makes me smile.  Of course, it was all meant to be and I can almost hear the credits playing in the background from a movie scene.  Breathtaking.  Awesome.  Inspirational. 

I’m ready to take on our next journey.  Part 2 coming soon…


I can’t get over how things can change in a heartbeat!  The last time I wrote, I was just in the beginning stages of Asylum and so much has happened in such a short time!

Let me start by saying that I am officially putting my Beachbody business into “overtime”. I was able to quit my “day job” and focus solely on this wonderful world of fitness, health and motivation.  Can you believe it took me moving to another country to make this huge decision?

Yes, I am in South Australia, as I write this today.  My husband, Ben, my children and I had been toying with the idea to move here for quite some time.  How does one make a life-altering decision?  Well, we talked and planned for almost two years and the plans changed quite frequently.  I think the kids were numb to our daily or weekly change of plans and began to just move along with their daily business.  

Life isn’t easy anywhere, these days.  But the recession in America is a huge wake up call to be accountable to our time and money, more than ever!  Making a foolish decision can be detrimental to a family these days and it was weighing on us heavily.  Our plans turned out to be to sell our cars and most of our older possessions; then put the rest into storage.  What a rush!  I’ve only ever lived in California; so this was an extreme change for me.  Yet, I felt oddly calm.  

I’m sure most people dream of selling it all and switching gears in life!  This was our chance.  The great thing was that our kids were on board to take the chance with us!  I had imagined terrible arguments about school, friends, etc…but this didn’t happen.   Instead, we packed up and flew here, into another winter!  

We have since moved into a furnished penthouse-style apartment and are going through our days with so much to do!  I continue to work my business online and through skype for phone calls.  Ben is doing what he can online and around the area.  We have family and friends nearby and have been visiting with them throughout these weeks.  It has been wonderful.

I can’t say that we will decide to stay for sure or not but no matter what; I’m truly happy for this awesome experience.  Who else can “up and leave” with a family?  No matter what the final verdict will be; I know our family will remember this adventure quite fondly for the rest of our days!  

What about my fitness plans?  If you’ve been following along with my blog or websites, you should know by now that I would never let my momentum slide!  I packed up all of my programs, booklets, shake packages and laptop and brought it right with me!  Each morning, I start the day with my Asylum program and then I hit the work scene and daily tasks.  So much freedom and I’m still staying accountable to what is most important to me!  

My 30 day Asylum plan had concluded just prior to us leaving America and I’ve since completed the Asylum/Insanity hybrid program for another 30 days.  Let me just say that if you haven’t done this plan yet and want a true challenge; this is it!!  If you’ve seen Insanity, you know it’s “INSANE”!  And if you haven’t seen Aslyum yet, it just builds upon the strength and stamina you created through Shaun’s first program.  Now, put them together….


I am in the last two days of my recovery week.  What’s next?  Well, I guess I can’t leave out the next hybrid plan; Asylum/P90X!  I actually am looking forward to this more than the previous plan because I love strength training!  It’s my favorite…you know, like when you go to work out and have to decide which you’d like to do first.  Strength training or Cardio?  I always choose strength; which is why I prefer doing cardio in a group setting for the energy around me.  

That brings me to my final point I’d like to share with you now.  P90X 2…
It’s coming!!  I’m so excited for it; and figured I may as well do the P90X hybrid with Asylum so my body is prepped for the second phase!

What do you think?  Are you game for this next challenge?  Do you need help just getting started somewhere?  Or maybe you’re in between plans; whatever it is, let me know.  I’d love to stay connected with anyone who is serious about truly changing their life and body.  

This is not a quick fix or a temporary “gig”.  It’s a life long goal and I’m freeing up my time to help work with you for success!  If I can bring all my family and “stuff” over 7,000 miles away from where I’ve always lived; you could surely start and maintain a fitness and meal plan!  Let’s get started today.  Message me!

Get fit or get out, right?