I am someone you could typically label a “control freak” and have issues in asking for help.  What’s the point if I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself; better and quicker?  

Let me answer my own question for you.  Because it makes life easier.  Seriously, easier.    
I will give you an example.  My current workout plans have brought to my attention an annoying knot in the back of my leg.  It literally starts just behind my knee (or glute…not sure where anymore because it’s all relative!) and travels all the way up and down my leg.  Ouch.  So, the controlling part of me has tried to massage it myself, tried to stretch it myself, tried to do whatever can hopefully help me out and remedy this irritating pain.  No help.  I’ve decided to ask (or whimper) for help…
Massage is my best friend, these days.  I made an appointment and asked someone for help.
I know this may sound like a silly example but it’s the truth.  Are you currently struggling with an issue that may be helped along by asking someone for help?  It can pertain to anything in your life.  Go ahead and ask.  It may even start a new habit!  
Most of our challenges in our lives tend to build up and seem impossible to complete, sooner or later.  Take for instance, wanting to follow a specific meal plan to lose weight or feel better about our health.  It seems logical to take this on independently, since it will, ultimately, benefit ourselves only.  Right?  Wrong.
Here’s where it goes wrong.  We are busy with work, life and schedules.  Although at first, we may make it a priority to add this new healthy change into our daily practice, as time goes on and we fall back into our “normal” routines, we tend to let the new habits slide.  No time to make the food list for the grocery store?  No problem, we’ll just “wing it” this time and get to it “tomorrow”…right?  What about when you don’t even feel up to loading up on fruits and vegetables as your stock starts to dwindle?  Who will notice if you have pizza one night with the rest of your family?  Wouldn’t it be easier to ask someone in your family to stop at the store during their day to pick up a few extra items?  
There’s also the issue of asking for support in these new habits.  There are many “sabotagers” out there who would rather have you join their misery than support you on a new change.  You can sit down and explain why this is important to you and ask for their support.  They can choose to say yes or no; but at least you know you were able to “ask” for their help.  The same is true when we don’t ask for support out of lack of confidence in our own capabilities.  Just ask; you may be surprised at the response.  And if you are met with resistance and non-compliance; move on and do what you can with the support you have.  
This comes from my own experience of not being able to ask for help without actually “forcing” myself to do so.  I’m still a work in progress but it’s definitely improving.  I can now ask for help with the housework, grocery shopping, errands, and minial tasks that don’t require my presence to be completed.  I’m working on moving to larger areas, but for today; the upcoming massage I have finally succumbed to is the highlight of my day!!  Of course, followed by the fact that my body made it through the Plyo work out today…

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