Are You Sitting Down For This???

Fall season is upon us!  How will you welcome the cooler weather and shedding of the trees?  Allow yourself some time this week to ponder what you really are needing/wanting.

Our family has been through a lot of change this past year.  From the trial of packing up and moving to another country (for albeit, only a bit longer than 3 months!) to relocating and reassessing our true wants and needs.  It hasn’t been easy; and yes, I am over the fact of packing and unpacking for the zillionth time!  

BUT!!  We have learned sooo much about ourselves.  In terms of personal development and family related issues.  Our children have grown in more ways than one and I know they value the time we had to be truly “on our own” and so very far away from all they know!  I can say I have also gained incredible insights on myself. 

Are you stuck in the madness of getting through each day, week and month until they are almost one and the same?  I was.  My favorite saying at that time was, “someone please help me off this treadmill!”…or hamster wheel; LOL!

Stop what you are doing now (except for reading this blog!) and sit quietly and alone with yourself.  You can keep your eyes opened or closed, it doesn’t matter.  Just sit there.  

Keep sitting.


Keep sitting…breathe again.

How do you feel?  If you’re like most people, you’re probably on the edge of your seat ready to jump up to your next task.  Why would you waste sweet, precious time doing “nothing”???

Keep sitting and breathing…

Do this as long as you need; or at least until that panicky feeling of moving on to your next task subsides.

Once you are completely relaxed (and this may take more than a few minutes!); get out a sheet of paper and pen.  Write down the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the following questions….no cheating!!!

1.  If you could only accomplish one thing today; what would it be?
2.  Why?
3.  Who are the people in your life that truly bring you joy?  
4.  Why?
5.  What would you like to be remembered for?
6.  Why?
7.  What is your top priority in life at this time?
8.  What is the #1 wish you have for now?
9.  How do you enjoy yourself, selfishly, each day?
10. Why or why not?

Look back at your answers and find the hidden meanings.  You may need to repeat a few times each week or month before you start to let yourself be honest enough to let go.  

I have no doubts that you are busy with your daily tasks.  I have no doubts that you have a busy life.  What brings you simple and honest joy?  If you can’t find that; I was there a few months ago.  You can change that.  Start now.  

Keep sitting still and breathing.  You are amazing and wonderful and deserve the simple exercise of sitting still.  Let your mind wander.  It’s a beautiful thing…