and it begins…

And my training begins…

I’ve decided to train for a fitness competition and since I’m turning the big “4-0” this year; I may as well jump in now.  The past month and a half, I’ve started to up my weight training and count calories; as well as getting in enough protein, carbs and healthy fats I need per day and NO more!!  (harder than I imagined)

It’s like a puzzle.  I find myself starting the day with an ample amount of nutrients and some days it goes well but I don’t eat enough calories (in fear that I will go over), then other days, I find I’m “lost” on how I can fill in the gaps of how much proteins I need to ingest without going over on my carbs and calories.  I know I’ll perfect it; practice makes perfect, right?  (well, maybe not ever “perfect” but we can’t stop trying to get there!)

Now, I’m changing things up again by working with a new “expert” who seems to have a better grasp on the fitness competitions arena and keeping in touch with me on a regular basis.  Nothing like a “trainer” who doesn’t show up for the “sessions”…LOL

I’ve also decided that I’m not going to “play around” with my foods anymore, either.  It’s been rather hectic lately and I noticed that in times that I’m busier, I tend to “reward” myself a little bit, here and there, with foods and snacks.  That stops now.  I’m not kidding around anymore.  

Honestly, I had to back up what I preach about.  One of my pet peeves are individuals who complain that they cannot reach their goals because of outside issues.  Bull…  It only comes down to their lack of motivation and follow through.   I will not blame my eating habits on circumstances around me.  Bottom line is that it comes down to me.  I don’t have much control over what happens during my day; but I sure can control what goes into my body and what I plan to get done in terms of my workout.

Today proved rather interesting on this fact.  I “treated” myself to my protein pancake (which is completely legal on my weekend plan!) with banana and a small amount of “clean” peanut butter…(more on PB in a later blog).  This kept me satisfied throughout my morning training workout and I followed that up with a protein bar.  Great, right?  I thought so.  

I should stop patting myself on the virtual back before the day is over, though.  After a much needed massage, (I have a spasm-ing shoulder, which is affecting my lower rib section in a bad way)I grabbed a salad and soup at my local deli.  Very dissapointing.  Not that I went over on calories or nutrients; but because it lacked what I needed in my meal.  I should have gone for some lean protein and salad.  At least my body would have felt “satisfied”.  Another lesson learned.  

After a few more errands and some paperwork, I enjoyed some lowfat cottage cheese and fruit.  There you go again; patting yourself on the back!!  I was careful to log all the foods I ate and also tracked how many calories I had left and what nutrients to choose.  I then planned for my protein shake as dinner and ramped up the protein with more whey powder AND lowfat cottage cheese.  Genius, right??  STILL not enough proteins in my day!  

At about 10pm, I’m ready to wrap up my evening and head to sleep but I notice my protein grams are not being met for the day.  I thought about eating some canned salmon but really didn’t want to go to sleep “fishy”…
I used my thinking skills (which I do, sometimes!) and made myself a 6 egg-white omelet.  Plain.  What do you think about that?  Now, I can pat myself on the back.  Minimal calories and maximum protein.  I ended off just 67 calories over; but figured that was better since I was still 9 grams shy of my protein mark.  

Not too shabby for a 39 year old “mom” who’s on a new mission…just watch out!! I’m ready and serious to succeed!


4 thoughts on “and it begins…

  1. When is your show and who are you working with? I've competed three years. Best advice. Make a menu on Saturday, prep it all on Sunday, and and eat the same things every day for a week, train hard, and cut your protein bars. Welcome to figure!I can't stress enough how important it is for your first show to work with someone and make sure they are GOOD and not going to over cardio and starve you down on a keto diet. If someone is saying that then walk away FAST.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I actually was working with another trainer whom I didn't really connect with and now starting with a new one. I'm excited for this new phase and already have cut out oatmeal from my daily intake; what's a few protein bars? LOL I hope you keep me updated whenever you can!

  3. I'm training for my first figure competition and love the blog so far! I agree with the first comment–planning is crucial! Last night I realized I was doing the same thing as you, so I recalculated how many grams of protein, carbs and fats I need at each of my 6 meals, jotted down what I will eat during those six meals, and then prepared the food for this week. Now it's just a matter of following through!

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