Workout Your "Happy" Muscles!

It’s been two days since I’ve blogged but don’t think I haven’t still been on target with my goals and momentum!  In fact, I’ve recently been in contact with a new fitness trainer who is sure to keep me on target with my training and eating.

I have never had issues keeping up with my workouts.  Not that I’m bragging about it; it has served as my “therapy” sessions for many personal issues.  I remember a very difficult time for me and the only thing I looked forward to in my day was running.  Why running?  Because as I ran; I imagined myself running far, far away from everyone who was hurting me and all the crap that was weighing on my psyche each day.  Talk about freeing!  I wholeheartedly believe this constant in my life; literally saved my mind!

And here I am, nearing the big 4-0.  I don’t feel 40.  I’m not sure if I look 40 (although, I like to believe people when they tell me I look like a teenager! lol …but I don’t really) but the fact of the matter is; I am.  Do I really care?  Maybe sometimes but not so much.  It seems the “idea” of the age can be overwhelming, when I can remember vividly back to my childhood and teenage years; the rest just flew right by.

I think what we need to focus on instead is being happy.  What does that mean, though?  You could have everything you desire in life and still not be happy, right?  I see people (myself included, many days) running around like a crazed-person, trying to get as many things done in the day as they can.  Why?  To keep up.

Who are we keeping up with?  And if we finally “catch” up to “them”; will we finally be happy?

I don’t think so….

Which is why I’ve decided to take on this new challenge of training for a fitness competition.  I want to live my life doing what I love; enjoying what I do and feeling joy throughout every day.  Sure, there are days when I wake up tired and cranky.  But the bottom line is, I have my set goals for the day and once I get my workout done; my brain shifts to a calmer state.  You can tell me it’s the endorphins or whatever else that lifts my mood but I don’t really care.

I’m just happy.

So, now that I’ve taken this on; and since I’m so good at hitting my daily workouts…I really NEED my trainer to kick my butt in my nutrition!!  I’m good with staying on track “most of the time”; but this is complete commitment time.  Athlete time.  Working to be my very best.  80% of that comes from my eating.

Should I say more?


One thought on “Workout Your "Happy" Muscles!

  1. I may be only 26 but seriously everything you shared I swear could have been written from my head. From your feelings, experiences you've had, goals, desires and your passion for health and fitness couldn't be more in line or as close to it than mine. My goal is to be in a figure competition by the time I'm 30 and currently studying to be a trainer through NASM which I plan on being certified by December. And like you, working out has never really been a problem, it's the nutrition portion and lately I've been reading up on clean eating and learning how to cook some pretty tasty recipes. I commend you on your hard work and dedication and I can't wait to read and see you blog about your first figure competition!! How exciting!!

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