This Town Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us!!

What is it about Mondays?  I figured it would start out just like any other; and I would just push myself through the crappy parts and end up a happier and stronger person for it!  

Not so easy, missy!!

Omg…today was just crazy!!  Have you ever had a day that just kept on “giving” it to you?  I’m not kidding.  I started off short on sleep.  Got up anyway.  Took the kids to school and went to teach my class.  Got there early so fell asleep in the car.  Really?  Yep!  Then enjoyed a nice crowd for a great workout.  

Okay, maybe not so bad after all.

Not so easy!!

Next, time to hit my own workout in the gym.  (you know, training and all!)  But the whiney voice in my body and head were LOUD today!  “I’m tired” “I don’t feel like working out right now”  and so on.  But I pushed through and ended up crushing my trainer’s workout in about an hour.  cool.  

not yet…

Get home to hear some not so good updates on work and people “issues”.  Got on the phone and took care of business.  Got some bad news regarding my upcoming plans for the weekend.  Had to get to the bottom of it and accept what came.  Done.

Not so fast.

More news on work and more people “stuff”.  Getting a bit tired now!!   Shuffled myself off to pick the kids up from school; although my hair was still wet from my “too late” shower and no makeup made for a very “au natural” mother!  Made some *gasp* calls to and fro schools.  (all hands free, thank you very much!)  

Are we done yet?  nope…

Thankfully, after I dropped the kids off at home and took care of some other items; I had a scheduled massage to work out the kinks in my shoulder and upper back.  O M Gee….

Awesomeness!!  (but still not over!)

Get home to warm up some food for the family and notice my inbox has more messages.  Again, news pouring in that isn’t making my day end off with a grand happy finale at last.  Now, I notice I’m starting to feel the drain.  Do you get that drain?  The type where your body is just “done” pushing through and you want to push pause until the next day?  Yes, that’s the one!! 

I actually put dinner on the table and went upstairs and sat down to turn on the tv.  Hubby comes up and asks “you’re watching something?” (his nice way of saying, “what the heck are you doing?  aren’t we supposed to be having dinner???”)  It was then I knew I had to just suck it up, finish the last tasks and move on.  Que sera, sera….

I finally touched base with everyone I had to today.  I didn’t finish all the tasks on my to-do list but that isn’t the important part to my “Monday”.  The important parts are these;

1.  I took the kids to school and brought them home again.
2.  I got my workout and work done to the best of my ability today (sometimes that’s all you can ask for!).
3.  I ate on my meal plan (something I’ve usually let explode in stressful days!).
4.  I fed the kids. (huge bonus points here!)
5.  I got a massage.  (ahhhhh)
6.  I’m still standing…(well, technically now, I’m sitting as I write; but you understand!)
7.  I’m ready to take on tomorrow…BY tomorrow…(not yet, please!)

As for Monday; it’s OVER!!!!!  (for this week, anyway!)  I made it through.  It’s at these moments I like to reflect on the fact that if I can make it through tough days like these; there are no excuses for the other days!  

I am ready.  Seriously ready to train and eat on schedule.  My body is changing daily.  I can feel it.  It allows my brain to look forward to more.  I’m able to smile and feel proud of what I’ve accomplished thus far; and look forward to more.  I’m not throwing the towel in yet.  Monday; you took your best shot and you lost!  

I’m taking over now! 


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