Seriously, where does the time go?  I am putting it out into the universe that my blogging will be a regular gig and for some reason; it gets left out due to other realities…

Well, not today, it’s not!!  I’m sitting in bed (ready to fall asleep, mind you!) and knew I couldn’t finish my day without first putting fingers to keys…

I am inspired in a different way than I ever thought possible.  When I first decided I would “do this thing”; meaning train for a fitness competition, I kind of went into it thinking I could back out at any time.  It wasn’t that “realistic” for a mother of three who works from home, anyway, right?  

Wrong!  I’m so committed now that it kinda scares me!  

I started off this past month with my awesome new trainer, Jen, and she has been amazing.  I started eating the meal plans she set out for me and honestly, don’t even feel like I’m missing out on anything!  I’m intrigued.  Then I feel more energetic.  hmmm.  Then she gives me some fun “booty busting” workouts to follow and they kick my ass in a fun way!  Super!  

I’m hooked.  Let me tell you why.  Throughout all this “fun” (insert your words to describe me as the crazy person you think I am by this remark here…), I’ve managed to drop 3 inches from my waist and at least 1 inch (although Jen is convinced it’s more by my pics!) from my hips.  What?  What???  How did this happen?

And, best of all, I’m now down the 11 pounds I gained while in Australia.  Isn’t that interesting?  

So, yes, you could say I’m hooked.  Now all I do is look up more competitors and competitions and blogs and workouts…it doesn’t end!  I want it all!  

Suddenly, I don’t want to just “compete” or just “place”; but now I want to WIN!!!  The crazy competitive person in me has kicked into overdrive and I am as excited as I’ve ever been.  

So, now you know that I’m still on track.  My blogging will become more regular, I promise you that!  I know I’ve said that in the past but I really want to detail my journey and I would love you to share in it with me.  All the foods, the workouts, the strange changes in the dates closer to the competition and everything in between.  I know you’re excited, right?  

So, with that, I can now go to sleep; happily knowing that I have kept my word to you and blogged.  Get ready, cuz you’re in for a crazy, honest, blogging Kathy like you’ve never seen!  I apologize in advance for anything inappropriate or rude; just saying!

Good night, all! 😉
                               Here are the foods I brought with me to my 
                                      weekend retreat in Dana Point; I was ON!!!


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