Blurb, Blurb….

A start of a new week tomorrow!!  I really should be asleep right now but couldn’t resist writing another blurb to my blog!  haha

Today was quite a wonderful day and it really is nice to enjoy the thought of how much got done today!  It sets a great tone for the upcoming week (not to mention a less stressful Monday!)

I did complete my workout today and actually am feeling a bit sore from it already!  That always makes me happy…

Also, if you follow my Facebook page, you already know I did my coupon-ing today.  What does that mean, you ask?  It means that I take my grocery shopping and spending money seriously!!

The honest truth is that I joined this online site called “The Grocery Game”.  I pay about $8 or so a month and pick the store location that I most frequent.  On Saturday night, the site is updated and I can download my grocery list of what is on sale that week.  For instance, every 12 weeks a certain product line goes on sale.  This week it was snacks, chips, drinks and sodas.  (I know, not my favorite line of foods but I do have kids; and they have friends!! lol)

I click on the items that I would most definitely need to buy this week and print out my personalized shopping list.  It tells me what coupons to clip (from previous and current Sunday paper coupon flyers; as well as store mailers) and away I go!  Today, I bought nearly $500 worth of groceries for about 1/2 of the price!  My savings were enormous and accounted for over 40% of my total price!

I then unload and “stock” up my items as needed.  The most needed products get placed in the kitchen cupboards or refrigerator and the extras get put into the garage “store”.  I really do enjoy “stocking” my shelves and imagining I have my own private store.  The simple things, right?

Anyway, after that was all completed, I was able to update my list of foods for this week and lo and behold, I get to add FRUIT back into my diet!!  woo hoo!  How exciting is this?  It’s a bit “funny” though, because I really didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would.  Taking my body off of fruits was meant to really “shake things up” and boy, did it!!  I’m loving the way I feel and how I don’t have any unrealistic cravings or out of control feelings.  If I eat according to my meal plan and space things out properly; I’m completely satisfied!  yay!  =)

So, that was quite the day, don’t you think?  I can’t wait for this next week cuz it’s going to get shifted a bit from the past few weeks!  Always exciting when things get shaken!!  lol

I’ll be sharing those details with you; as promised.  Good night and see you all again in my next blurb…


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