Are You In a Funk?

My goal for blogging every day while going through my eating and training program is getting to be thought provoking for me!  I now find myself wondering what I should write about each evening; while I’m running through my day!  

Habits are great.  They can keep us on target without a huge fuss and actually begin to feel “easy” in time.  But habits can also put us in a plateau period.  That’s when things go bad.

I’ve been hearing a lot of women complaining about their bodies’ lack of change.  Although good habits are there; they are working out and eating the right types of foods, their bodies seems to have stopped changing.  

When this happens, what do YOU do?  I was semi-stuck in this cycle while traveling and living out of suitcases and unknowns.  While I was still keeping up with my workouts (I brought Asylum, Insanity and P90X with me!) and eating “Clean” foods most of the time; I was surprised by an additional 11 pounds that I somehow accumulated!!  


So, I had to reassess.  In doing so, I realized that my portions may have grown a bit larger than they should have been.  I also indulged a little too much; in the comforting thought that I was still keeping up with my intense workouts.  But how much is too much?  

My turning point came when I decided it was time for a major turnover.  I am nearing my 40th birthday and something I’ve always wanted to attempt was a fitness competition.  This seemed like a wonderful overhaul to what I have been doing for the past year.  

Now, don’t get me wrong.  It isn’t the fact that I’ve decided to train for a competition.  It’s merely the fact that I’ve changed something.  Our bodies become accustomed to our habits; or daily schedules.  Once this happens, it ceases to change.  It doesn’t mean the habits we have aren’t good ones; it just means it’s time to shock our bodies into changing again.  

Since I’ve completely changed the way I eat and how often; my body responded by reacting.  This reaction meant I dropped the weight I had gained, and then some.  I also changed the way I worked out.  Another reason my body had to respond.  But just like everything else, if I keep this same schedule my body will become accustomed and the cycle must begin again.

You have a myriad of choices in making changes.  You can choose your meal timing, your portions sizes, your types of foods.  You can also choose to use weights vs. resistance bands.  Or higher intensity interval training (HIIT) vs. running or walking on the treadmill.  Any change means your body will also change.  If it doesn’t work out within the first week or two; switch something else up until you shock yourself!  

Habits are good for daily chores, grooming, etc.  But habits can be the cause of your plateau and this can soon lead to dissatisfaction and the chance of giving up altogether.

Don’t give up.  

I have added some fruit to my day now and also some other small diet changes.  I know this makes me a bit uncomfortable at first since I’ve had so much progress with my current habits; BUT I also know that staying the same leads to complacency; both in my mind and my body!

Get out and do something different this week!  Post below what you are going to try!  Let’s all get shocked together!! 

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