Take Your Time, Already!!

Today was an early day of chores, working out and getting things done on my to-do list.  It felt great until some of my “plans” happened to change due to others’ schedules.  I’m fine with this happening, since it really just frees up some more time for “me”; but how to make it count in the best possible way?

Yes, I’m a perfectionist, in case you didn’t know!  If you read the book; “Personality Plus”; I’m a mix of the Choleric and Melodramatic so just TONS of unexpected fun when it comes to my moods!!  LOL  Seriously, though, I was really trying to just get my day set out “right”.

And then, I didn’t care so much after awhile.

I don’t know what exactly shifted but I unplugged for about half the day.  No Facebooking, no texting, not even any phone calls.  I was doing whatever came up and following through with the day.  While this was happening, I took some mental notes.  Here’s my great insight to how my day went:

1.  I was already done with my workout; since I hit it early in the morning and boy, did I hit it hard!!  Great workout and I’ll share more on that in another blog.

2.  I noticed I moved along my day a bit more efficiently than I normally do; since I thought I was going to have to be at a few meetings along the way.  They ended up being cancelled (for different reasons, but funny how it turned out all on the same day!) and I wasn’t the least bit annoyed…maybe a bit happy!

3.  I slowed down my pace.  Took more time with what mattered and let the rest go.

4.  A huge change for me; I “unplugged” for more than half the day and it felt wonderful!  I probably wouldn’t want to do it on a daily event but maybe once a week I’ll enjoy the benefit of being “unreachable” for awhile!

5.  I felt more like an enjoyable person; rather than a rushed and too-busy individual!  I can’t say for sure what others felt but this is all MY personal experience since it’s MY personal blog!  Just saying!

6.  I sat in the sunlight.  It was amazing!!

7.  I realized today that I am so happy with my life the way it is NOW!  I wouldn’t want to change it for the world.  I finally feel “settled” into our new home and surroundings; I’m finally at peace with my weekly schedule (as opposed to this time last year, when I felt highly overscheduled and high strung!) and calm about the things I have no control over.

Ultimately, this is what we should be doing every so often.  Checking in with ourselves!  We check in with our kids, our family, our bosses, etc.  Why not ourselves?  Well, I’m happy to report that I have completed this task today and am satisfied with the results.  I encourage you to try it out!

Now, I can look forward to the upcoming weekend with complete excitement.  I have a few fun things scheduled (well, maybe YOU won’t think they’re all “fun” but I do!) such as, leading my Body Pump class again (sorry, guys, I know it’s been a few weeks!) and then trying out my very first Groupon coupon for indoor Rock Climbing…sweet!!!  Then, there’s the whole, go buy some more furniture for the home office, thingy!  I’m looking forward to it, though.  No matter what comes this weekend; I’m excited!

First things, first, though…we have to get through tomorrow!! I already lined up my workout schedule for early again and then maybe will visit a Body Pump class to make sure my choreography is “ON”.  Then, I’ll simply ‘wrap up’ the week’s tasks and look forward to what comes next!

My training has been teaching me to just enjoy what’s truly good for me!  I am appreciating all these life’s lessons! Happy Weekend, all! =)


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