What I Learned This Weekend

What a weekend!

I am truly inspired and realized that there seemed to be a constant “theme” to my weekend.  I last wrote on Friday how I had been able to “unplug” and just let myself move through the day; however it seemed to move.  The weekend was about keeping the same rhythm but with the tasks that had been previously planned, in place.

Let me begin by saying that I am constantly learning.  Do you allow yourself to learn?  Do you allow yourself to grow and respond to changes around you?  If not, you are sadly missing out on what’s truly important for you.  

I have been working on my second month of eating and training for an upcoming fitness competition.  Although I haven’t narrowed down a specific event yet; I’m looking towards the beginning of the year.  There are a few but they seem to fall anywhere between January through March.  I think that is a fair amount of time to get ready; mentally and physically.

While doing this, I have also been talking and following other competitors in various divisions and learning what to do and what not to worry about doing.  I am touched by the depth and honesty of many competitors as they open up to share their personal journey and stories with the rest of us.  (As I have decided to allow myself to do as well).  One touching story is of a recent competitor, (who actually took 1st place this year!  Yay!) who is now undergoing doctor visits and treatments to find out what is ailing her body recently.  She is berating herself of doing harm to her body while she was busy training for the event.  Is this a regular occurence?  I wouldn’t know, since this is all a learning phase for me.

Take note of my last sentence.  I am learning.  Every day that I grow on this journey and learn from those around me is truly an amazing experience.  I believe we should never stop searching and learning new things.  I hope I am encouraging that feeling towards my children with my daily habits.  I strive to live well, love well and matter to everyone I come in contact with on a personal level.

So, back to this fitness competitor (now winner), who is in agony over what is happening within her body.  My heart goes out to her and I wish her complete health and speedy recovery.  I also want to take note of any unhealthy habits and not take part in those for my own training.  I know that to date, I have been eating very healthy and my workouts are probably far superior to any I have been doing before.

I am ending this weekend on another high note.  Although, we see ourselves through our own experiences, other people and even the dreaded “mirrors”; I don’t think we ever truly see ourselves as others do.  I was told by my sister in-law that I seemed happier now than I did a year or so ago.  That made me beam inside!  How awesome to have someone see something within you that didn’t seem to be as enormous as you thought it would be!   I am now inspired to see myself in a more respectful and positive light.

The next time you say something negative to yourself; or think something negative about yourself (I’m feeling “fat” today; I feel stupid; I’m not as “good” as so-and-so, etc)…STOP!!  Either let go of the thought completely (even though you may still believe it) or change it to the positive statement (although you may NOT believe that!).  By continuing to correct yourself on the negative thought patterns we have all learned over the years, you might just surprise yourself and have someone close to you say; “You seem so much happier these days!”

And wouldn’t that be positive?

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Oh, ya…I almost forgot!  I went indoor rock climbing for the first time and fell in love!!  While I was a bit unsure in the beginning and had the feeling like I just wanted to go home and rest; I stuck with it (with the amazing energy of our group of 4 ladies!) and became addicted to pushing on; regardless of how challenging the task became!!  Onward and upward!  Don’t let anything stop or slow you down from making the goals you set for yourself!


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