Time For My Refeed!!!

Whew!  I have to say that I feel like I completely “stuffed” myself silly today and hardly could even call it that by how I used to celebrate this food fest day!

It’s amazing that since I’ve been in my training phase with eating and workouts; my body has completely acclimated to eating specific amounts of food every 2-3 hours.  It was somewhat strange to not really have any real cravings to feed off of today.  My trainer sent me a message and told me that I could enjoy my day today and “refeed” (which is just a fancy word for “cheat meal”) with any foods that I chose!  Funny how I really wasn’t all that excited about it…

I pushed through with my workout today anyway and prepared the turkey and set the table and readied for the feast.  I decided I’d allow myself only what I really wanted to eat.  I mean, if I’m going to go off my program; I should at least only choose the foods I really enjoy.  What did I choose?  Yams.  

Sweet, buttery, sugary yams.  Of course, some turkey and green beans (NOT the casserole!), salad and a roll and a half with some butter.  I also took time today to prepare my butternut squash soup and I really enjoyed eating that.  It was quite simple to prepare and yummy!  I will definitely be making that again soon!

We took a family walk after the meal and it felt wonderful.  Although, I didn’t think I overate; my belly was not happy with me for the rest of the evening.  For dessert, I had a glass of black decaf coffee (what’s the point, right? LOL) and some baked apples.  

That’s all folks!

I have to say that although my tummy is dissatisfied with my refeed meal today; I feel wonderful to know that my current program is not leaving me feeling deprived in any way.  If I feel the least bit deprivation, I will make up for it big time when I can.  Today proved that I didn’t need to.  

Tomorrow, I get to sleep in!!  Imagine that!  NO, I am not going shopping at midnight or 4 in the morning.  Not interested.  Sleep is too precious these days and I need all the rest and repairs that I can get these days!   I hope that you enjoyed your day with family and friends, and that this is the beginning of a healthier and happier holiday season than past years.  Who needs to make a huge New Year’s resolution to get into shape when you start following a reasonable plan before December 31st?


Happy Turkey Day!

Twas the night before Thanksgiving…

I’m exhausted.  But in a good way!  This week has been chock full of busyness and goodness.  I am still laser-beamed focused on my goal of placing at my upcoming competition; whenever that date is…haha.  I know there are two coming in my area and they are in February and March of 2012.  I have not wavered on my momentum and it seems that this week really brought out comments from people that are seeing me again after a few months.  This only excites me more and helps to push me to continue my efforts through the holiday season.

Seriously, what was I thinking; signing up for a competition training during the holiday season?  Isn’t it hard enough to follow an eating plan and fitness schedule in the least busy time of the year?  Yes, and I’m sure you are already aware of the reason I decided to commit now.  What better way than being focused on a goal; to weather the storm of foods in this time of year?  I am ignited by the surprised responses from those that are just seeing me again after a short time.  What a high!  I can only imagine what it will feel like to be up on stage at the actual competition!

Speaking of which; in case you don’t follow my Facebook page, I finally received my clear, platform heels for the big day!  I have tried them on a few times and practiced my “walk” but I think I’ll leave the exact style to the professionals and wait for my trainer to review and critique my walk for stage.  All I really remember is the class my mom took me to as a teenager on how to do the “cat walk”; and I’m doubting that would apply to this type of “strut”.  Only time will tell, right?

So, tomorrow is the big day.  Thanksgiving.  The day we are allowed to gorge on all the foods we want and then some.  It’s an excuse day to allow our bodies to stuff itself enough until we feel sick.  I’m sorry, but this, itself, makes me feel sick.  There are just so many things wrong with this picture and I want you to take this year and make a change for the better.  The better for your health and for the holiday, in general.  Fill your plate up with only the items you truly desire and are worth the extra calories!  Don’t eat stuffing if you don’t like stuffing!!  Not a fan of the famous green bean casserole?  Then skip it; it’s loaded with tons of fat and calories anyway and you’re not doing anyone a service to slap it on your plate and slam it down your piehole!  I have a few tips that have worked for me in several scenarios; and this would be perfect for tomorrow:

1.  Scan the table and all the foods that are available for the day.
2.  Serve yourself; if possible and only choose the food items you cannot miss out on.  This would mean, if you skipped a specific food; it would be “calling” you for the rest of the weekend!  Have it already, with dignity and a fork; in front of people!
3.  Make sure you schedule an activity or walk prior to your meal and after eating your meal.  Any movement counts and will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something positive.
4.  Love dessert?  Then eat it!! But, again, choose only what you truly love and only 1 slice!  NO seconds and no scarfing it down.  Enjoy each bite; savor it and take the time to listen and join in the conversations around you as if you are an important part of the day.  Because you are!!

Go forth into the land of turkey and all that surrounds it; and conquer by proving you are truly in control.  You can succeed and enjoy the foods you love most.  It would be sad to despise turkey and only eat it because it’s expected.  Nothing is expected; except the feeling of being in control and taking in each moment as it comes.  If you find yourself taking in too much food; stop and put your fork down.  Ask if you’ve eaten enough to feel satisfied.  Not full; but satisfied.  There’s a big difference and yet, this may take some time to learn how to decipher the difference.

You can do this!  Happy Turkey Day!!

The Spartans Are Here!!

Meet Team Salerno.  That’s us in the pic above!  What a crazy way to meet such an amazing group of individuals!
Let me start out by saying that I know Diana (the woman who started it all!) at the gym about 10 years ago, and we’ve been pushing each other ever since.  She, in my Boot Camp classes and me, trying to keep up with her and the running trails she takes me on!
Anyway, she texts me one day last month, asking if I wanted to join her “team” of friends; both in the army and some not (which would include moi) to partake in what is taking over our country and is known as; Spartan Races.
I had no clue what this entailed and naturally said, “yes”.  Then I forgot all about it.  I was reminded a few weeks ago, when Diana asked who needed a room at the local hotel near the race for the night before.  Again, I said “yes”.  (I realize now that I say that too often…and more proof of this coming soon) I decided it was about time to see what all this “race” stuff was about.  It turns out that it’s a muddy trail run race with obstacles thrown in.
Now, I’ve done the Camp Pendleton mud run a few years ago and had an absolute blast so I figured this would be about the same.
It was not.
Our team decided we’d finish together; as a team.  So, as we began this race, they started us off in waist high, muddy, ice-cold water and out again.  Then back in some more muddy, waist high water.  Some running.  Some walls to jump over, climb under and climb through.  Tire runs; holding an actual tire and running down a steep trail and back up and over again.  Some monkey bars.  A javelin style throw.  Rope climbs of different varieties.  A wall climb that reminded me of the rock climbing we attempted a few weeks ago.  A neck-high, muddy ice-cold water “swim”…and so much more.  We jumped over fire. We ran and ran and ran some more.  It was exhilarating, tiring, and so much more.
What I realized, as I ran the race, was the complete and total respect for our teammates.  It didn’t matter if you were the first or the last person to complete a task; the team was waiting for you at the end to continue together.  I laughed.  I slid and fell on my butt and the people were concerned (I was all right!). Lots of motivation and positive encouragement.
I have completed many events over the past few years and can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed this race due to the camaraderie of the entire team.
I can’t believe I did that.  The picture above shows how we had to roll under barbed wire fencing while putting up with that guy holding the water hose and soaking us completely.  We were helpless.  But we kept going.
I have to say that finishing that race and receiving my medal were so rewarding that I found myself screaming for joy!  What a rush.  When they mentioned earlier that our team could sign up for the longer race in January; I scoffed, at first.  But then the fun levels shot so high that my mental clarity was swayed.
And guess what?  I’ve now said “yes”; once again!

Yes, I Think I Can!!

Just finished watching this week’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” and I have to say, this episode had me cheering in my living room!  

What was it that got me excited?  First of all, the contestants were finally working solo and had to compete against all of the other challengers.  No silly games or strategies; just physical and mental stamina and strength.  What really gave me the chills was the way new trainer, Dolvett, worked on building a strong relationship with one of the contestants.

 A strong connection between trainer and client, is detrimental to the success of the trainee.  What Dolvett did was to open up and share his personal life story in order to show his weaknesses an how he has overcome through his life’s journey. He used that as an example of the strength within him that cannot be taken from him.  He asked that the contestant show their strength since it was clear they were holding back from lack of trust.  What is it that’s holding you back lately?

It’s one thing to be able to open up and share your personal story and yet, something else to use that as a driving force in your momentum of reaching your goals.  Never back down.  Although this saying sounds fierce and so strong; there is always a time (or so) that everyone wants to back down; or out.  What separates the successful people from everyone else?  They followed Nike’s slogan and “just did it”.  Simple as that.  Whatever it takes for you to get it done; should ultimately be your driving force.  

So what if you had a setback?  So what if you had a weight gain or bad day?  Nobody will remember these slight dips in your momentum; heck, they probably won’t ever even know about them.  What will stand out is the determination and drive you have and the complete unnerving success you will enjoy from the continued efforts.  

Nobody ever said it was easy.  But know that you can achieve what you truly believe possible.  Like the saying goes; “Whether you think you can or whether you think you cannot, you’re right”.  

That’s all for today, folks! 

Priorities Abound

I’m sitting here in my room; laptop perched atop my lap and thinking back to what happened this past week.  I just know there was a lot that went on but can’t seem to conjure up any of the memories yet…

but then…

I remember!

I know you must have these instances too, sometime, right?  I have to hope that I’m not the only one.  There’s nothing wrong with my memory; it’s just that I get caught up in doing so much that it’s hard to differentiate the days and weeks lately.

Yes, I’m proudly following my training routine still and couldn’t be more excited about my progress!  This must be the longest span of time that I have been on target with my eating and not falling into any binging traps.  I’ve even baked cookies a few times for the family and fought the urge to even lick the spoon!!  *gasp* who is this woman???

I remember why this week seems to be a blur now.  It was one of those weeks where my realizations and life’s importances were thrown off and I’ve since had to re-assess where I am and where I’m heading.  Just a few important items that I wanted to share with you:

1.  My family is key and if anything; or anyone, gets in the way of this priority…it’s out!

2.  I absolutely thrive on order and organization but time is limited so I have to rely on the fact that I must follow through with small, daily tasks that allow me to do more with my days, in general.

3.  When there seems to be a recurring event that puts stress or strain on my psyche or energy; it must be eliminated!  This is more challenging to do than it sounds but I’m currently working on achieving this more often!

4.  My foods and exercise must be met on a regular, daily schedule.  This means that the training I’m attending this weekend needs to be planned for ahead of time.  I will pack my measured foods and package them into a cooler to take with me.  Yes, I will be that  person and PROUD of it!!

5.  When I’m overworked and overstressed, I’m not a happy camper!  This proves to be extreme misery for the entire family so I am working on my ‘Happiness Factor’ and letting the extra tensions and events work themselves out; or at least, ask for some damn help!

6.  I also have to work on bettering how many hours per night I’m sleeping.  This can be detrimental to my weight loss efforts as well as my ‘Happiness Factor’ (see above) so this needs to be addressed immediately!  I am working on sleeping at least my 7-8 hours tonight and excited to do so!

And there you have it.  I’m currently training for my fitness competition (exact dates to be announced soon) and this has allowed me to put my priorities in order.  I don’t worry about “looking” like I’m an extreme health conscience person; I just proudly ask for what I want and need.  Life is too short to worry about the small and unimportant things, anyway! 

We begin with tomorrow’s training and then next weekend’s ‘Spartan Race’…ummmm…what?  Did I even agree to do this?  I can’t remember….

From Pancake To Chips; Go Figure~

If you’ve been following my recent blogs and online posts; you know that I am truly happy for the weekends because it means protein pancakes!!!  My all-time favorite foods!  This picture, I previously used honey on top of the bananas and now I just put my almond butter with either 1/2 banana sliced or some sliced berries…

This past week was challenging, in terms of my eating.  I have been feeling strong and following my meal plans and workouts to the “TEE” but this week, hormones and cravings came on; BIG TIME!!  I mean, I was ca-razy woman!  I needed some extra chocolate one day since I literally felt like I would DIE without it so I allowed myself an extra Shakeology and later, an additional protein bar.  Not perfect but it could have gone so much worse!  I complained a little to my trainer and she said to just go ahead and enjoy a “cheat meal” this weekend to ward off the craziness feelings!  

Honestly, by this time, I wasn’t really craving anything that much anymore but I was really hungry for dinner.  We had my brother’s family come over and I made some dinner and they brought salad and tortilla chips.  So, my cheat meal turned out the be tortilla chips.

That’s it.  No dip.  No salsa.  No nothing.  Just salty, crunchy tortilla chips!  And this is nuts cuz I’m not really a huge fan of chips to begin with.  Give me chocolate anytime, but chips?  Puh-leeze!!  

Anyway, I decided my body must have needed the salt or crunch of the chips but then I was done.  Seriously, not to sound tacky and cliche; but that cheat chip overload “completed” me!  I didn’t really want anything else but made myself eat some protein and salad to end the meal off right.  

Now I’m thirsty again.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to get back on track tomorrow.  And guess what my first meal gets to be? 

You guessed it; a huge protein pancake!!  I’ll even take a picture and post it for you to see!