From Pancake To Chips; Go Figure~

If you’ve been following my recent blogs and online posts; you know that I am truly happy for the weekends because it means protein pancakes!!!  My all-time favorite foods!  This picture, I previously used honey on top of the bananas and now I just put my almond butter with either 1/2 banana sliced or some sliced berries…

This past week was challenging, in terms of my eating.  I have been feeling strong and following my meal plans and workouts to the “TEE” but this week, hormones and cravings came on; BIG TIME!!  I mean, I was ca-razy woman!  I needed some extra chocolate one day since I literally felt like I would DIE without it so I allowed myself an extra Shakeology and later, an additional protein bar.  Not perfect but it could have gone so much worse!  I complained a little to my trainer and she said to just go ahead and enjoy a “cheat meal” this weekend to ward off the craziness feelings!  

Honestly, by this time, I wasn’t really craving anything that much anymore but I was really hungry for dinner.  We had my brother’s family come over and I made some dinner and they brought salad and tortilla chips.  So, my cheat meal turned out the be tortilla chips.

That’s it.  No dip.  No salsa.  No nothing.  Just salty, crunchy tortilla chips!  And this is nuts cuz I’m not really a huge fan of chips to begin with.  Give me chocolate anytime, but chips?  Puh-leeze!!  

Anyway, I decided my body must have needed the salt or crunch of the chips but then I was done.  Seriously, not to sound tacky and cliche; but that cheat chip overload “completed” me!  I didn’t really want anything else but made myself eat some protein and salad to end the meal off right.  

Now I’m thirsty again.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to get back on track tomorrow.  And guess what my first meal gets to be? 

You guessed it; a huge protein pancake!!  I’ll even take a picture and post it for you to see!  


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