Priorities Abound

I’m sitting here in my room; laptop perched atop my lap and thinking back to what happened this past week.  I just know there was a lot that went on but can’t seem to conjure up any of the memories yet…

but then…

I remember!

I know you must have these instances too, sometime, right?  I have to hope that I’m not the only one.  There’s nothing wrong with my memory; it’s just that I get caught up in doing so much that it’s hard to differentiate the days and weeks lately.

Yes, I’m proudly following my training routine still and couldn’t be more excited about my progress!  This must be the longest span of time that I have been on target with my eating and not falling into any binging traps.  I’ve even baked cookies a few times for the family and fought the urge to even lick the spoon!!  *gasp* who is this woman???

I remember why this week seems to be a blur now.  It was one of those weeks where my realizations and life’s importances were thrown off and I’ve since had to re-assess where I am and where I’m heading.  Just a few important items that I wanted to share with you:

1.  My family is key and if anything; or anyone, gets in the way of this priority…it’s out!

2.  I absolutely thrive on order and organization but time is limited so I have to rely on the fact that I must follow through with small, daily tasks that allow me to do more with my days, in general.

3.  When there seems to be a recurring event that puts stress or strain on my psyche or energy; it must be eliminated!  This is more challenging to do than it sounds but I’m currently working on achieving this more often!

4.  My foods and exercise must be met on a regular, daily schedule.  This means that the training I’m attending this weekend needs to be planned for ahead of time.  I will pack my measured foods and package them into a cooler to take with me.  Yes, I will be that  person and PROUD of it!!

5.  When I’m overworked and overstressed, I’m not a happy camper!  This proves to be extreme misery for the entire family so I am working on my ‘Happiness Factor’ and letting the extra tensions and events work themselves out; or at least, ask for some damn help!

6.  I also have to work on bettering how many hours per night I’m sleeping.  This can be detrimental to my weight loss efforts as well as my ‘Happiness Factor’ (see above) so this needs to be addressed immediately!  I am working on sleeping at least my 7-8 hours tonight and excited to do so!

And there you have it.  I’m currently training for my fitness competition (exact dates to be announced soon) and this has allowed me to put my priorities in order.  I don’t worry about “looking” like I’m an extreme health conscience person; I just proudly ask for what I want and need.  Life is too short to worry about the small and unimportant things, anyway! 

We begin with tomorrow’s training and then next weekend’s ‘Spartan Race’…ummmm…what?  Did I even agree to do this?  I can’t remember….


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