The Spartans Are Here!!

Meet Team Salerno.  That’s us in the pic above!  What a crazy way to meet such an amazing group of individuals!
Let me start out by saying that I know Diana (the woman who started it all!) at the gym about 10 years ago, and we’ve been pushing each other ever since.  She, in my Boot Camp classes and me, trying to keep up with her and the running trails she takes me on!
Anyway, she texts me one day last month, asking if I wanted to join her “team” of friends; both in the army and some not (which would include moi) to partake in what is taking over our country and is known as; Spartan Races.
I had no clue what this entailed and naturally said, “yes”.  Then I forgot all about it.  I was reminded a few weeks ago, when Diana asked who needed a room at the local hotel near the race for the night before.  Again, I said “yes”.  (I realize now that I say that too often…and more proof of this coming soon) I decided it was about time to see what all this “race” stuff was about.  It turns out that it’s a muddy trail run race with obstacles thrown in.
Now, I’ve done the Camp Pendleton mud run a few years ago and had an absolute blast so I figured this would be about the same.
It was not.
Our team decided we’d finish together; as a team.  So, as we began this race, they started us off in waist high, muddy, ice-cold water and out again.  Then back in some more muddy, waist high water.  Some running.  Some walls to jump over, climb under and climb through.  Tire runs; holding an actual tire and running down a steep trail and back up and over again.  Some monkey bars.  A javelin style throw.  Rope climbs of different varieties.  A wall climb that reminded me of the rock climbing we attempted a few weeks ago.  A neck-high, muddy ice-cold water “swim”…and so much more.  We jumped over fire. We ran and ran and ran some more.  It was exhilarating, tiring, and so much more.
What I realized, as I ran the race, was the complete and total respect for our teammates.  It didn’t matter if you were the first or the last person to complete a task; the team was waiting for you at the end to continue together.  I laughed.  I slid and fell on my butt and the people were concerned (I was all right!). Lots of motivation and positive encouragement.
I have completed many events over the past few years and can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed this race due to the camaraderie of the entire team.
I can’t believe I did that.  The picture above shows how we had to roll under barbed wire fencing while putting up with that guy holding the water hose and soaking us completely.  We were helpless.  But we kept going.
I have to say that finishing that race and receiving my medal were so rewarding that I found myself screaming for joy!  What a rush.  When they mentioned earlier that our team could sign up for the longer race in January; I scoffed, at first.  But then the fun levels shot so high that my mental clarity was swayed.
And guess what?  I’ve now said “yes”; once again!


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