Happy Turkey Day!

Twas the night before Thanksgiving…

I’m exhausted.  But in a good way!  This week has been chock full of busyness and goodness.  I am still laser-beamed focused on my goal of placing at my upcoming competition; whenever that date is…haha.  I know there are two coming in my area and they are in February and March of 2012.  I have not wavered on my momentum and it seems that this week really brought out comments from people that are seeing me again after a few months.  This only excites me more and helps to push me to continue my efforts through the holiday season.

Seriously, what was I thinking; signing up for a competition training during the holiday season?  Isn’t it hard enough to follow an eating plan and fitness schedule in the least busy time of the year?  Yes, and I’m sure you are already aware of the reason I decided to commit now.  What better way than being focused on a goal; to weather the storm of foods in this time of year?  I am ignited by the surprised responses from those that are just seeing me again after a short time.  What a high!  I can only imagine what it will feel like to be up on stage at the actual competition!

Speaking of which; in case you don’t follow my Facebook page, I finally received my clear, platform heels for the big day!  I have tried them on a few times and practiced my “walk” but I think I’ll leave the exact style to the professionals and wait for my trainer to review and critique my walk for stage.  All I really remember is the class my mom took me to as a teenager on how to do the “cat walk”; and I’m doubting that would apply to this type of “strut”.  Only time will tell, right?

So, tomorrow is the big day.  Thanksgiving.  The day we are allowed to gorge on all the foods we want and then some.  It’s an excuse day to allow our bodies to stuff itself enough until we feel sick.  I’m sorry, but this, itself, makes me feel sick.  There are just so many things wrong with this picture and I want you to take this year and make a change for the better.  The better for your health and for the holiday, in general.  Fill your plate up with only the items you truly desire and are worth the extra calories!  Don’t eat stuffing if you don’t like stuffing!!  Not a fan of the famous green bean casserole?  Then skip it; it’s loaded with tons of fat and calories anyway and you’re not doing anyone a service to slap it on your plate and slam it down your piehole!  I have a few tips that have worked for me in several scenarios; and this would be perfect for tomorrow:

1.  Scan the table and all the foods that are available for the day.
2.  Serve yourself; if possible and only choose the food items you cannot miss out on.  This would mean, if you skipped a specific food; it would be “calling” you for the rest of the weekend!  Have it already, with dignity and a fork; in front of people!
3.  Make sure you schedule an activity or walk prior to your meal and after eating your meal.  Any movement counts and will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something positive.
4.  Love dessert?  Then eat it!! But, again, choose only what you truly love and only 1 slice!  NO seconds and no scarfing it down.  Enjoy each bite; savor it and take the time to listen and join in the conversations around you as if you are an important part of the day.  Because you are!!

Go forth into the land of turkey and all that surrounds it; and conquer by proving you are truly in control.  You can succeed and enjoy the foods you love most.  It would be sad to despise turkey and only eat it because it’s expected.  Nothing is expected; except the feeling of being in control and taking in each moment as it comes.  If you find yourself taking in too much food; stop and put your fork down.  Ask if you’ve eaten enough to feel satisfied.  Not full; but satisfied.  There’s a big difference and yet, this may take some time to learn how to decipher the difference.

You can do this!  Happy Turkey Day!!


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