My Most Challenging Meal Plan…So FAR!!

This week has been quite challenging with my meals but I’m plugging along as best as I can and seeing an enormous change already!!

Let me back up a bit by explaining how I told my trainer that I felt as though I stopped dropping body fat as fast as last month.  She then sent me a revised meal plan to follow this Monday through Friday.  hoo boy!  Change is good?  I don’t know about that…

I had been happy with my previous meal plans and actually was worried that this was the reason I wasn’t enjoying the continued body changes as before.  The new plan was exactly what I thought it would be…depriving!  

Don’t get me wrong; I was getting my same 5-6 meals and snacks per day and enough food to nourish and help with my muscle growth and repair during this eating and training phase.   But wait; there’s more!  I haven’t been able to enjoy my protein bars or even my all time favorite; Shakeology ALL week!!  I’m in agony!  Those were the items I most looked forward to during my week.  Give me all the chicken breast, fish, yams and veggies as long as I could enjoy my shake as my final meal and a bar or two when I was having hunger pangs or terrible cravings.  Not this week…not happy, either!

It’s not as awful as I am making it sound but really; I am only getting in a limited amount of chicken per meal; very small amounts of yams/brown rice and green veggies.  Then tiny, tiny amounts of berries…it’s the way to make change but I don’t have to like it, right?

So, why am I still doing this, you might be asking yourself?  Because I’m still very committed and excited to compete.  This is something that I’ve always dreamt about and now is a great time for me to take it on.  My kids are not babies anymore, we are re-settled from an international trip/move, and I am re-assessing all my goals as I turn the big “4-0” next week!  If not now, when?  Right??

I was pleasantly surprised today when I saw my abs in the mirror at the gym and noticed they are really starting to POP!!  That is worth more than all the complaining I’ve done this week.  I know my trainer has my best interest in mind and I trust her completely.  Do you know what she told me when I mentioned how hungry I was during the afternoons?  “enjoy a whey protein shake made with water and maybe 1 tablespoon of nut butter”.  That sounds ridiculous, right?  But for now, it’s my “sinful” food of choice!!  

More to come and my upcoming event date…stay tuned and stay well, my friends!


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