What’s On Your Plate Today?

This before and after photo really came as a surprise on how much my body is still able to change.  I have been into fitness for over 20 years and although my routines might have been shifted a bit; it has more to do with my daily nutrition than ANYTHING else!!

Now, I am a firm believer that everyone needs some type of regular activity.  It benefits our hearts, minds, and bodies like nothing else can.  Plus, you get to experience all the “happy time” druggy feelings afterward; or as otherwise known; “endorphins”.

I heart endorphins.  I could be as mad at someone or as depressed about an event as could possibly be; and then give me some heart pumping workout and I have forgotten what the heck it was that got me all upset in the first place.  Endorphins are good!  Stress is not.

Back to nutrition; if given a choice (and I don’t condone this choice) of either eating right or working out only….
I would say eating right is more beneficial to change and health.

This is not said lightly, either, because if you really know me; then you know that exercise is the medicine I take on a regular basis.  I allow myself one day of rest each week.  BUT….nutrition accounts for 80% of your success.  EIGHTY PERCENT!!!!  That leaves only 10% to fitness and 10% to genetics.

Now, once you have your eating down pat and then you enter in your exercise…watch OUT!!  It’s definitely ON!!  I am constantly learning and re-learning what works for my body and life and I know that you are going to be different from my experiences.  The secret is to just start.  If you are already working out; continue and then let’s work on your nutrition.

I’m available to any comments, questions or concerns about your own habits; so please post below. You can also feel free to email me for more personalized contact.  I believe we all endure our life’s challenges to then conquer them; and then share them with the world in a way that we can help benefit others.  My nutrition has been a longtime journey which continues today.  I am more efficient and knowledgeable than before so it may seem as though I’ve always been this way.



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