The New Decade Begins!!

Reflecting on this past year today.  

I am about to enter my fourth decade of life tomorrow.  I have heard from so many women that they either “feel” their age at 30 or 40 and since I felt nothing special at 30; I figured that this would be the year.  

I braced myself.  I took deep breaths.  I tried to focus on other, more important things.  In other words, I worked hard so that this “number” wouldn’t hit me and send me reeling down an emotional road of melancholy.

Obviously, it hasn’t even “happened” yet, since I’m still officially 39 as I write this. However, I am feeling almost certain that this will be yet another “number” in my life that doesn’t define me.  After all, don’t I aspire each day/week/month/year to do better, challenge myself in more ways and inspire others to do the same?  Then why would a silly number limit me?  

It hasn’t so far.  

I spent this past weekend enjoying many important people and events.  On Saturday, I ran a 5K with my church community and my 14 year old son.  Pleased to say that I placed #1 in my “age range”…whatever that means!! haha  I then shopped the remainder of the day with my 15 year old daughter and niece.  Enjoyed their laughter and lack of worry for the day.  Later that evening, ate a quiet, home cooked meal with my hubby and 9 year old son.  Peaceful.  I fell into a deep and wonderful sleep that night.

On Sunday, my plans changed and I decided instead of being the “busy bee” that I was supposed to achieve today, I would take it easy, catch up on my tasks at home and NOT leave home at all today!  What a concept!  Who does this?

I did.  Not even a workout today.  Can you believe that?  I slept in; although does 7:15am really validate as “sleeping in”?  Verdict is still out.  Anyway, enjoyed my awesome weekend “protein pancakes” (refer to previous blog posts for more info on this topic), caught up on laundry (again, who does that?), tackled my piles of paperwork and emails and still had time to bake and decorate holiday cookies with my 9 y.o. son.  He and I had a blast!!  My awesome hubby did any “running around” that the kids or I needed…although it was all local and quite simple like getting the day’s newspaper (for the coupons) and buying a gingerbread house kit for daughter’s Culinary school project.  

I am feeling calm and peaceful as I ready myself for the week ahead.  Will it prove to be as busy as before?  Of course.  But I’m already armed and ready with my lists, clean clothes, prepped foods, lunches packed, and details set out ahead of time to eliminate most surprises.  

Hope that you were able to take something special away from this weekend as well.  If not, think hard about what it is that would be meaningful for you in the next weekends of this year.  It’s not all about “how much we get done” but sometimes to simply slow down and enjoy the process of “whatever gets done”.


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