Binge and Move On Already!!!

Since I’m blogging about my training and eating plans; I may as well come “clean” (no pun intended!) about my past weekend.

I have started a new plan for my meals and it’s based on “carb cycling”.  In case you have been living under a rock (who does that; besides Patrick of Spongebob?), I’m sure you’ve heard this from people in the fitness industry or online.  It’s based on eating higher carbs one day, lower carbs the next and close-to-no carbs the third day and repeat.

Anyway, it was last Friday and  I was mentally preparing for the new plans this week when some unexpected issues arose and I was without all of my planned food items.  This doesn’t usually cause any problems, since I know what to eat and how to make the best of most situations….


I ate my “meal” and was dealing with some stressful situations when someone comes in with PIZZA.  I wasn’t worried…pizza doesn’t usually press my buttons anyway so what’s there to be worried about?  Don’t take anything for granted with food and stress.

I decided to have “just a small piece” since I knew my new plan would be starting soon and I hadn’t even enjoyed a piece of cake on my birthday the week before; so this was nothing!!  (again, taking things for granted)

This lead to another slice and then, yet another slice.  ugh…

The damage had been done and now I was “FULL”!!  I do not like being that full anymore because it just reminds me that I have taken in too many calories and fat; which are NOT a good combo on any given day for me!!

Ah well, deep breaths and moving along.  I finished my day as well as I could and actually ended up skipping one of my scheduled meals since I wasn’t remotely hungry.

What do you do when you have an unplanned “cheat”?  It isn’t really what I would have chosen had I given it some thought and planned ahead for the foods that could really feel like a true “cheat meal”but it happened, nonetheless and I had to move forward.

Remembering that it isn’t the end of the world; or my plans, for that matter.  I decided to learn from the mistake and start fresh the very next meal.  Not day; meal!  And I did.

My carb cycling plans are now in motion and probably stronger than they would have been, had I NOT fallen into the pizza trap.  There are times in our lives that we must find reasons for our “failures” or “unplanned” scenarios and chalk it up to experience and learning.  I learned that when under stress to “stop” and figure out exactly what I need, in terms of food and emotional support.  In the case that I am the emotional support at the time, I must then have a plan set out that I can adjust as needed without feeling like throwing in the towel; which is basically what I had done.

Today turned out to be my “NO” or quite low-carb day and although it’s challenging for me to follow; I am revisiting the feelings from my stress binge and allowing myself to enjoy this process of changing my body and mind.  I hope you are incorporating similar changes into your plans so you don’t feel deprived or unable to “live” a “normal” lifestyle again!

Happy New Plans!!


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