9 Weeks Out From My First Competition!!!

What have I learned from last year and how will I use it to progress this new year?

This is the question I ponder as I reassess my goals for 2012.  I have finally registered for my very first bikini competition this March and cannot tell you how thrilled I am for this challenge!  It’s down to 9 weeks before the big day and I feel that I need this deadline to get serious about some of my issues that hold me back from success!

What are they?  Let me just air them out here and get it out there and over with, already!  First of all, I notice when I’m hungry and don’t have a meal coming soon, I have issues with my almond and peanut butter addiction.  I know these are good for me to use in moderation but my problem is the “moderated” part of it all!  Who doesn’t enjoy some extra “butter” and then just “a little bit more”?  This is what I know I must STOP if I want to reach my goals and continue to see changes in my body’s leaning phase.

In order to stop this; I must first plan on how I need to handle it and replace with an alternate solution.  My trainer instructed me to have an extra scoop of protein powder with water when I’m feeling “extra” hungry on higher energy days (especially when it’s a low carb day!) and maybe 1 corn thin spread with 1 Tablespoon of almond butter.  It sounds so simple when I hear it but the problem is sticking to it (no pun intended…lol).

How will I make this happen this week?  My plan is to write it all down.  That means every little “extra” lick or taste will need to be accounted for.  This isn’t something I would be obsessed about if not looking down the number of days I will be standing up with other contestants on stage.  I’m not a huge fan of being “judged” by anyone, in any means but for some reason this goal has been something I’ve dreamed about for many years.  I’ve decided that in order to put it to “rest” (or continue with it if it’s something I fall in love with!), I need to experience it; whether I’m comfortable with it or not!

Just do it…love Nike’s slogan!

What did you plan for this year?  Are your goals achievable?  Are they realistic?  What is holding you back?

Let’s get focused and above all else, let’s find a way to enjoy the journey!  I know I am…with your support and my determination!


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