7 Weeks Out!!!

I’m so ready!!  Well…my mind is ready but my body is HUNGRY!!!  LOL

We are now down to 7 weeks out from competition date.  OMG!!  All the thoughts running through my mind lately; am I ready?  will it get more challenging?  do I have to have the suit glued to my body?  will I look orange in that crazy tan?  How much more chicken can a person eat?  and so on…

I have to say that up until this week, I’ve been “okay” with my eating.  Yes, some days are a bit harder than others; but basically, it’s been “okay”.  Well…cut to this week.  Not that anything has changed in the past few weeks, in terms of my meals but O M G!!!!  I have been starving!!!

Like last night, for instance, I went to sleep feeling like my stomach would eat itself.  Not something fun to experience ever!!  lol  I knew that I’d be waking up to oatmeal and egg whites so it made me happy enough to force myself to sleep.  As far as today; I worked out hard and then was busy the rest of the day with errands and work, so of course my appetite was fired up.

Still hungry.

But wait…

Tomorrow means HIGH carb day!!!  AND, I’ve been reading “Push” By Chalene Johnson and in her recipe section lists a Shakeology protein pancake recipe.  It resembles the protein pancakes I currently enjoy so I am really excited to try this new version.

You have to find FUN wherever you can, right?

So, I will happily mix up my pancakes tomorrow before my Body Pump class and then even share it with you all; either with pics or even a video!!  We’ll see how it plays out!  What are you most looking forward to, these days?

There are so many issues that I would like to send out some positive energy to you and wish you a wonderful day ahead and keep me in your thoughts when you’re eating your next extremely high carb meal; such as spaghetti and meatballs with bread sticks and dessert…

I will be eating chicken breast and green veggies…


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