Winning!!! 6 Weeks To Go!!

Today, I’m just over 6 weeks out from my first competition… OMG!!  It’s already here…

I have been doing my workouts, as scheduled by my trainer and following the meal plans as much as possible. This isn’t acceptable anymore.  I am now committed to being 100% “ON”.

Workouts are pretty easy for me to follow.  I am a fitness junkie so going to the gym or working out at home, is a ‘done deal’ any day of the week!

However, my weaknesses lie in my eating.  Although, I am following the meal plans laid out for me; I have been known to eat a few extra spoonfuls (or more?) or my “clean” peanut or almond butter.  At times, I enjoyed an extra unplanned meal but for the most part; the nut butters are my nemesis.

I am newly committed to winning this battle!  And to think I started on the most challenging day of all; my “NO” carb day.  Today, I only get to enjoy mostly proteins, fats and vegetables.  Granted, I’m allowed a protein shake twice today and a corn thin; once.  Nothing else.  It’s tough, I’m not gonna lie.  But I did it today.  I DID IT!!!!

I took notice of the difficulties in these typical days and how I can better handle them.

My breakfast is easy to do.  I get my veggie and egg omelet with avocado and salsa; as well as my coffee.  HAPPY!
Meal 2 is pretty easy to get in too; a protein shake and the 1 corn thin with some nut butter …although this can be dangerous when I’m not paying attention!!
Meal 3 is a BIG chicken salad and it’s enjoyable but I noticed that this is when I start to wonder; am I going to make it through today?
Meal 4 is a repeat of meal 3 and now I’m not as happy as I was in the morning….
This is the time I am vulnerable, if I’m not careful.
I noticed when I’m overwhelmed, stressed or tired; I’m more apt to grab the jar of nut butter and take a “few” tastes of the “edges”…

Let’s be real…the stupid “edges” aren’t going to do anything for this craving…so this is the time I could really go CRAZY!!!

Then reality hits and I’m onto my day.

Meal 5 is my salmon and veggie dinner and I really do enjoy this meal…
Meal 6 is the stupid protein shake with some nut butter…

Are you sensing my irritation?  Enter the “nut butter” addition again and chaos can ensue~

Okay, I’m not overdoing it all the time on my NO carb days but when I’m not focusing on taking care of my needs (non-food related), all hell can break loose.

I’m now past all of that crap.  Today I was 100%!!  I didn’t wander anywhere near extra foods or ‘butters’ of any kind.



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