We Are Sparta!!!!

It’s the eve of my 6 week’s out until my very first bikini competition!  I feel excited, giddy, and a bit dizzy from the lack of carbs…lol

Seriously, I told you how yesterday I was committed 100% to my eating and training now and I haven’t faltered (granted, it’s been one WHOLE day!).  I had a low carb day and found that I do much better by NOT having any almond butter in the house and using 12 almonds instead.  Who wants to binge on raw almonds, anyway?  Not this girl! =)

I did get 1/2 scoop of Shakeology today and I have to say that made my day!!  (if you’re laughing at me; shame on you!)  Tomorrow marks my 6 week’s out; plus the fact that I’ve been wrangled into running this Spartan run and it’s Part #2 of the spartan’s challenge.

What was part #1, you ask?  Well, I’d be delighted to answer that question!

Our team took on the first challenge at the end of last year and it was called the “spartan sprint”.  Cute, right?  NOT!  It was not cute and if you missed my previous blog on that specific race, you should go back and review…

I’m waiting…

Okay, welcome back!  Anyway, like I was saying, it was not a walk in the park (it was a run in the hills…ba-boom!…I’ll be here all week!) and various obstacles that left me freezing and quite dirty…but exhilarated when it was over!!

Sooo, this is part 2 and instead of just running 3 miles; we are now running 8 miles (seriously, I’m freaking out as I’m writing this!) and then complete 12 obstacles.  I’m dreading the “awful” one cuz I know there will be one.  Last time, they had us rolling in the mud under barbed wire; as we were being sprayed by a violent stream of water from a fire truck hose.

Ya, that’s supposed to be fun!

These people are true to the Spartan spirit.  I saw one man who ran the last one twice..cuz once is never enough.  hmmm

Okay, at least I get my HIGH carb day tomorrow and I am still committed, peeps!!  Don’t worry, I’ll bring my foods with me so I am not to go hungry or worse; off plan!!!  (gasp)

I’ll check in with you again later but be warned…if you think you’ve heard me complain;  you ain’t heard nothing yet!!

It’s ON!!!!  WE ARE SPARTA……


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