Roller Coaster Of A Day!!!

Tuesday proved to be a rollercoaster of a day!

I woke up again to my fasted cardio and chose a HIIT workout on the stair climber for 60 minutes.  I felt strong while working out but immediately afterward; I was STARVING!!!  (see previous post regarding “prego hunger”…this was it to the MAX)

My breakfast wasn’t quite as filling as I would have hoped but I ate it and drank my two cups of coffee.  Which is the funny part; I’ve cut back on coffee in recent years to be more “healthy” and here I am able to drink more coffee to compete in the competition!  Anyway, I noticed right away that I didn’t feel “quite right”.

I was extremely exhausted, no energy and feeling more depleted than I have ever felt.  I reached out to my trainer who recommended I rest and drink some green tea.

Who would have thought that I could have felt so much better from just this small change?  I had been resting; due to the fact that I just couldn’t move…rest was guaranteed!  hahaha

Green tea to my rescue!!  I couldn’t believe how amazing it worked and I was actually able to get through the many errands and workload for the day.  And to think I almost felt the challenge was just “too extreme” for little ol’ me?  I stuck to the meal plans as were laid out for me.  I also fit in another 40 minute steady state cardio session after meal #5.

I have to admit that I enjoyed an extra 2 Quest bars to make it through but this was instead of the extra meal that Jen recommended I eat if I was too hungry.  I know that tomorrow is going to be better already. It seems like I can go up and down; hour to hour these days.

I actually look forward to my last week.  I have received the meal plans for the final week; as well as the water intake and changes during the week.  I have my list of supplements to take next week to help me drop my water and “pop” my muscles.   Interesting, right?

There will be daily photos from Monday on….I’m told my body will amaze me in the final week; day by day.  This sounds quite exciting.  I’ve asked my niece to handle my hair and makeup for the show.   I feel confident that she will make me “pop” and all I really need to take on now is the final week of eating and water intake.

My walk is getting better and I will continue to practice the strut.  I will be confident on March 10th.  I will do myself and my supporters proud.  


Monday, Monday!

I’m sitting here on my couch; laptop perched on my lap, in complete exhaustion but I didn’t want to leave you without checking in for today.

I’m now 12 days out from my first ever bikini competition.  I am tired, sore and depleted…but I’m so freaking excited too!!!

Today proved to be a HUGE DAY!!  I woke up to my hour long “fasted” cardio session in the gym.  Ran home to eat breakfast and take my son to school.  Then it was time to teach our twice weekly boot camp class and then another meal (eaten in the car).

Off to Body Pump class and another meal enjoyed; again in the car!  Left the gym parking lot to drive to another gym about one hour away to “strut” my walk for the comp with my trainer, Jen.

That was fun!!  I’m feeling  more confident in my posing, holding each for at least 5 seconds and trying to remember all the details of each pose.  Will definitely be practicing each day so it feels “natural” when I’m up on stage!

From there, I had to drive back to pick up my kids from school.  I realized; as I sat in very slow traffic (due to some rain today…really??  Nobody can drive when there is some water falling from the sky???) that I would not be at my son’s school in time for his release. Called dear hubby to do the first pick up.  Drove to the high school to get my older kids; but I was almost an hour late!!  What??  I realized how much traffic sucks!

Anyway, came home to eat (yes, again!) and run off to the gym for my weight session and second cardio round.  Got home to eat dinner and check in with the family.  What a day!  I’m seriously exhausted but feeling the home stretch of this first competition.  This is keeping me energized like I’ve never known before!

My feet hurt.  I’ve got a massage scheduled for this weekend.  I’m tired.  So, I’ll get to sleep as soon as this blog is written.  Although the foods seem to get smaller in size these days; I am eating frequently and feel rather good  right now.  I’m excited for what is to come in the last days leading to the big day!  My trainer, Jen, says that I will be amazed at the changes I have in the last 7 days….EVERY single day!!  That sounds intriguing~

How was your Monday?  

Could Not; or Will Not?

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you feel like you are having an “out of body” experience and just watching yourself from the sidelines?

I’ve noticed this happening lately and it’s at the times when I am feeling low on foods; depleted and just exhausted.

I’m not one to mince words or try to hide the “real me”.  Yes, I can complain up a storm…as you have been reading in my most recent posts.  BUT…I’m HAPPY!!  In case you misinterpreted my rantings from my lack of carbs and extra exercise and soreness as an “unhappy” gal…you were mistaken!

I would never take on a challenge that I didn’t truly believe would benefit me in the long run.  I’m truly blown away by the amount of support that I’ve been shown lately, due to the upcoming competition and it’s one of the reasons I know I’m doing the right thing!

Even though I can whine and complain about my NO carb days and my low cal days…I know there’s a finish line and I’m not giving up.  How many times have you heard from others (maybe even yourself), that they wanted to attain a specific goal but just “couldn’t” do it?

Wait…did they say the “COULD NOT” do it?  Isn’t “WOULD NOT”; more appropriate?  I mean, granted, there are those who CANNOT do specific challenges due to physical ailments, or issues beyond their control but what I’m talking about is the fact that it’s “TOO HARD TO DO”!

I don’t accept this phrase.  Not in my vocabulary and not in anyone I am working with in terms of bettering their lives.

It’s a choice.  Yes, I’ve made this decision to be carb-depleted.  I knew the stakes ahead of time and still signed up for it.  Why?  Because it was a challenge.  I’m a firm believer in what doesn’t kill you…definitely makes you stronger.

Maybe it also makes you cranky, tired, irritable, etc…

But it won’t kill you.

So, the next time someone tells you that they “couldn’t” take on a challenge because it was just too difficult…remind them that it’s their choice and they really “COULD” do it if they wanted to!

I’d bet you could too!


Where’s The Food????

First, let me rephrase the statement I made previously in another blog that stated I was “excited and dedicated to the last two weeks of meal plans”….

Did I say that?

I plead the fifth…

I am nowhere near excited and the dedication is waning…not really but a gal can complain, can’t she?  I’m having a super horrible hungry day and nothing I do to sidetrack myself is coming close to helping!

The foods have almost disappeared.  Where are they?  Let’s show you a brief example of what I get to eat;

1/4 cup oatmeal, 5 egg whites with 2 oz spinach and 1 Tbsp. avocado….
Where’s the rest of it?  Oh, it must be coming in another meal.

Next:  chicken, 2 oz rice and spinach.  Hmmmmm…something seems amiss!

Meal 3:  protein shake mixed with water and 12 doggoned almonds…


Next;  chicken and spinach…
Next; chicken and spinach…
Next; chicken, spinach and 12 almonds…

WAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!   Me no likey…..

I’m regressing and I’m proud to admit it!  At least I get a Quest bar daily….ONE WHOLE BAR?????  Be still my (is it still?) beating heart!

So, I cheated today and had 2…

I’m still hungry…

Wait til tomorrow…

Is It Still Wednesday?

Whew! It’s been a LOOONG day, to say the least!!

Good, but really busy.  I’m so happy it landed on my last protein pancake day for awhile too!  I had extra energy to spare.

Early morning wake up call and fasted workout…

This is my stats from my fasted workout on the treadmill.  I did a HIIT style workout.  Warmed up for 5 minutes and then took the incline to “1” and the speed was at 6.0 for 3 minutes and then I would take the speed up to 8.8 or higher for 30 seconds.  I repeated until I was done with 45 minutes of work.

From there, I had my awesome blueberry protein pancake topped with some peanut butter.  Yes, I enjoyed it and savored each and every bite.  I feel excited to finish off the next few weeks strong and dedicated!

I had my workout class; “Fit Camp” where we worked out with kettlebells and really focused on core movements.

Then, it was off to Newport Beach to meet with my trainer, Jen.  This proved to be a bit tricky; to say the least!  OMG…

I set my GPS to take me to the gym we had originally planned on meeting up to do a “sassy” walk practice in our heels.  As I entered the freeway, she texted to say we had to change the gym to a 24 Hour Fitness since the other gym was being used for group classes.

I arrived at the gym parking lot ahead of schedule; ate my mini meal and then walked into the gym.  When I climbed the stairs and saw that the aerobics room was being used for a class; I texted Jen again to mention it and while I waited for her to reply, I asked the woman at the front desk (half joking too) if there was another gym around the area.  She said, Yes, actually..right across the street!

I then proceeded out to cross the street since I obviously wasn’t in the right place.  Jen phoned at that time and we laughed at how close these gyms were to each other.  I took a nice stroll outside and crossed the street to enter the other gym.  By this time, Jen said that they were now practicing in the cycle room since there was a class being done in the aerobics room.

I walked up the stairs to the cycle room and guess what?

Nobody was there!!

I actually sat down on a nearby bench and thought maybe I should just head home.  Then Jen called again and I told her that I must be in the wrong area entirely.

She explained how the gym was underground near a parking garage and I couldn’t believe it.  That was the gym I was JUST in!!!  Across the street!!!

I stood up with some hard-mustered-up energy and proceeded to head back to the direction I had just been in.

Yes, there they were!! In the cycle room, as she had said!  She was practicing with another fellow competitor and we all laughed at how stupid that had turned out to be but I figured, no harm…just some annoyance and we all experience that on a daily basis, right?

I sashayed around with her coaching and by the end of our session together, was feeling sooo much better!! My attitude even got more confident.  The two ladies were making me feel so amazing with the compliments and encouragement.

The minor gym confusion was forgotten.

I then headed out to pick up my kids from school.  All the while, answering messages in the car before I headed out of the parking garage.

My son was late due to a track meeting he was attending.  So, I ran some errands with my youngest and came back to the school an hour later.  Then we had to pick up a previous prescription for my daughter from the day before.  I stopped at the pharmacy, only to find out they didn’t even get it in yet and it would take another day!

Exasperated; I just asked for the prescription back…I would fill it closer to home.

I was really tired by this time.  But guess what my older son tells me?  There’s a mandatory parent meeting tonight at 6pm for the track team.  Really?

So, I made it to the meeting and then I hit the gym one more (begrudgingly) time for a steady cardio session; per Jen’s request.


This shows my stats from a 12-15% incline workout for 45 minutes at a 3.0-4.0 pace.

I’m exhausted but feel like after today; tomorrow can only be better!!

But wait…doesn’t my meal plans change now?

to be continued….

There’s Hunger; and Then There’s HUNGER!!!!!

We are getting to the final few weeks and I think my hormones are starting to revolt!!  Haha

Seriously, I have been seeing a good change in my body composition and chalking it up to my early morning “fasted” workouts.  This, mixed in with my regular circuit training and some HIIT training is helping my body adjust to the last days before my first competition!

Tomorrow I will meet with my trainer to check on my stats and practice my sassy walk!  Honestly, I think that is the most challenging part for me; next to the eating!  I will just have fun and do my very best.  This has been the most interesting journey I’ve gone through in a long time.

Also, tomorrow is my last high carb day for awhile.  I’m not very happy to hear this but I know it’s what I need to do.  The eating plan changes up for me on Thursday.  Get ready to hear how it goes.

The exciting news is that I’m getting more attention from others in the gym on how surprised they are by my changes.  I was busy sweating it out this morning and I looked over and saw two women “eyeing” me.  I caught one of their attention and they came running over to tell me they were just talking about how good I was looking.  Please keep going; this is what I need in the last days.

I will not mince words.  I’m exhausted.  My schedule is busy enough and adding in an extra “cardio” session early in the morning only adds to it.  I know how great I feel after it’s over so this is what I focus on when I’m grumbling at my alarm sounding off each day.

I’m hungry…A LOT.  It’s not just normal hunger, either.  It’s like the “pregnancy hunger” that I remember experiencing in my prego days.  If you have never experienced this feeling; it’s like the world is going to end if you don’t get food STAT!!  I think my husband is forever scarred by this stage in our marriage.  Now, when I am beyond the state of hunger and I want to get him to notice; I will use this stage as an example.

This eating plan leaves me feeling prego “hungry” every 2-3 hours. Really; how can I go from 0 to 1,000 on a hunger scale in less than 1/10th of a second?  But it happens.  I will be happily going about my day and all of a sudden…BAM!!!  HUNGRY!!!! Where’s my food?  And if any poor being is around me at this unfortunate time…I apologize ahead of time.  I also find my self apologizing a lot lately.  Par for the course, right?

Well, the workouts make me tired and sore but I have to admit I feel like I could take on the world when I’m in the middle of it.  Watch out everyone!  I’m in the ZONE!!  I guess it’s the endorphins but it works.

Hoping I get my fill of tomorrow’s high carb day and that I feel excited to hit Thursday hard with the new meal plan.  I’m committed either way.  No turning back.  I think we should all experience uncomfortable challenges throughout our lives just to prove we are better than we give ourselves credit for.

Get out there and kick some booty this week!!  My journey continues….

Cauliflower Crusted Pizza Recipe Trial

So, today I decided to try out a much talked about and extremely “low-carb” pizza crust option. The “catch” to the crust?  It’s made up of primarily, grated cauliflower.

Yes, cauliflower.  Okay, get it out of your system.. you think that sounds terrible?  You’d be wrong this time!  (I know, there’s a first time for everything…)

Anyway, I always talk about trying new recipes and seldom share the journey or the results with you.  Today, since I had a wonderful “rest” day from my workout schedule and busy life; I thought it’d be a great day to create a healthy alternative for the family and let you know how it all went!

Here are the nutritional information for one slice of this new blend:
151 calories per slice
7.2 fat grams per slice (for the mozzarella cheese)
2.2 grams of fiber per slice (not too shabby!)
12.6 grams of protein
9.2 grams of carbs per slice…

Wait a minute; do you even know how many grams of carbs in a “regular” slice of pizza?  Well, honestly, neither did I.  I googled the info and for just a regular slice of fast-food style pizza; you are ingesting about 34 grams of carbs PER SLICE!!!!  WHAT?  So, here goes my very first recipe-share with you =)

I started by grating (but heck, I’m too lazy to actually “hand grate” this whole head of cauliflower so I used my mini cuisinart.  If you don’t own one, I suggest making your life easier and buying one.  Under $200) a whole head of cauliflower. This is what it looked like:

I then put the dry ingredients into the microwave for 8 minutes.  It smelled nice and “fresh” while the timer ran!  (my son asked if I was cooking broccoli; just saying)
Next, I took it out and added 2 whole eggs (since this was a doubled recipe.  A single pizza crust requires just 1/2 head of cauliflower), 2 cups mozzarella cheese, grated, ground oregano, crushed garlic and onion salt.  Here are those added in:
I know; you are super impressed with my cooking skills, already!  Well, just wait!!  I mixed these together and put into one large, rectangular baking pan; which had been sprayed with nonstick cooking spray.  (I opted out of the 2 circular pizzas; you could choose what you prefer):
Those are my hand prints to prove I did the work!!  (obviously, you should always wash your hands prior to cooking; which I did!)  
Then, the pan went into a preheated, 450 degree oven.  I baked it for 15 minutes and it smelled sooo amazing in the kitchen!  The garlic and spices seem to mix with the cheesy goodness and even my skeptical 9 year old son was impressed and quickly at ease about trying out this “strange”; yet intriguing  new recipe!
Once out of the oven, you can top with your pizza sauce and other yummy toppings.  I decided on the crushed pineapple suggestion from the recipe; but only added it to 1/3 of the actual “crust”.  The remainder was topped with plain, old mozzarella cheese…just like my family enjoys! =)
It went back into the oven; now at broil, for about 5 minutes.  The cheese was melted and slightly browned and the family gathered up to sample our lunch!  
The funny thing was, I didn’t even have time to click a picture of the entire baked pizza but at least saved some slices to share the finished product with you!
The pineapple section had already been devoured!!  The general consensus, was that it was a HIT!  The only difference my family noticed was that they were better off eating it with a fork, instead of picking it up.  Either way, I felt happy to refill their empty plates again and even took a small sample for myself…
I’ll do my fasted cardio again this week!  Sheesh…