I Think I Can!!

It’s hard to believe I’m nearing 3 weeks from my competition.

This has truly been an eye-opening experience into my food intake, body changes and mental focus.  I had always thought I was “strong minded” and able to take on any challenge; but I don’t think any has pushed me as far as now.

As I near the competition date, I am concerned that my body hasn’t changed quite as much as needed.  I worry if I have put in enough time into my workouts.  Although I have followed the meal plans about 80% of the time or more, I also find myself wondering if that little bit of “extra” I had enjoyed throughout the past few months will effect my final transformation.

I know this sounds a bit conceited but basically, the whole idea of changing my body through vigorous workouts, strict meal plans and then finally standing up on stage to “show off” my results is just that!

I’m still excited; I’m still committed.  My focus is 100% in these final weeks.  I have even added an extra cardio session in the early mornings before I eat my first meal.  I think that the next 3 weeks will take the most from my will power and dedication.

What keeps me going?  The idea that I can do this!!  I am imagining the moment after the hard work pays off and after I compete.  I know how amazing it feels to accomplish something that can seem monumental and I’m always up to the challenge.  Sometimes I wonder why I am this way.  What happened in my life that has pushed me to always want to strive for more?  Is it just my character?  Did I inherit this from my family?  Am I normal?

I plan to stay strong.  I plan to write out my daily goals each day and stick to them; no matter what!  I will strive for my best and accept nothing less.

I am also grateful to those who are supporting me through this process. Thank you to everyone who has sent me words of encouragement, support and kindness.  You don’t understand how much it means to me; especially on my “less than stellar” days.  And those darned “no carb” days are just that!!  I definitely will not miss the NO CARB days!  What I will continue with; is the dedication to my meal plans.  I now know how crucial my foods are to my success.  Without making the necessary plans and adjustments and going through some of the challenges of wanting to eat high-carb, high-fat foods; change can only go so far.

Here I go, into my final stage.  Onto the stage…and into the next phase of my life…


5 thoughts on “I Think I Can!!

  1. It's been a priviledge for ME to read, hear, and SEE your progress through this "journey". I think it shows such courage,to "put yourself out there" as you have. You have been so gracious to share your knowledge, your "Yays", as well as your struggles. I know this might sound "cliche", but no matter what those judges decide, with all you have learned and gone through, YOU HAVE ALREADY WON!

  2. Wow!!! I'm really blown away by the love and support of all of my friends here!! I truly value all of your kind words and it only makes me stronger each day. Thank you for always being there for me; you are MY inspiration, Manya!!! ❤

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