Is It Still Wednesday?

Whew! It’s been a LOOONG day, to say the least!!

Good, but really busy.  I’m so happy it landed on my last protein pancake day for awhile too!  I had extra energy to spare.

Early morning wake up call and fasted workout…

This is my stats from my fasted workout on the treadmill.  I did a HIIT style workout.  Warmed up for 5 minutes and then took the incline to “1” and the speed was at 6.0 for 3 minutes and then I would take the speed up to 8.8 or higher for 30 seconds.  I repeated until I was done with 45 minutes of work.

From there, I had my awesome blueberry protein pancake topped with some peanut butter.  Yes, I enjoyed it and savored each and every bite.  I feel excited to finish off the next few weeks strong and dedicated!

I had my workout class; “Fit Camp” where we worked out with kettlebells and really focused on core movements.

Then, it was off to Newport Beach to meet with my trainer, Jen.  This proved to be a bit tricky; to say the least!  OMG…

I set my GPS to take me to the gym we had originally planned on meeting up to do a “sassy” walk practice in our heels.  As I entered the freeway, she texted to say we had to change the gym to a 24 Hour Fitness since the other gym was being used for group classes.

I arrived at the gym parking lot ahead of schedule; ate my mini meal and then walked into the gym.  When I climbed the stairs and saw that the aerobics room was being used for a class; I texted Jen again to mention it and while I waited for her to reply, I asked the woman at the front desk (half joking too) if there was another gym around the area.  She said, Yes, actually..right across the street!

I then proceeded out to cross the street since I obviously wasn’t in the right place.  Jen phoned at that time and we laughed at how close these gyms were to each other.  I took a nice stroll outside and crossed the street to enter the other gym.  By this time, Jen said that they were now practicing in the cycle room since there was a class being done in the aerobics room.

I walked up the stairs to the cycle room and guess what?

Nobody was there!!

I actually sat down on a nearby bench and thought maybe I should just head home.  Then Jen called again and I told her that I must be in the wrong area entirely.

She explained how the gym was underground near a parking garage and I couldn’t believe it.  That was the gym I was JUST in!!!  Across the street!!!

I stood up with some hard-mustered-up energy and proceeded to head back to the direction I had just been in.

Yes, there they were!! In the cycle room, as she had said!  She was practicing with another fellow competitor and we all laughed at how stupid that had turned out to be but I figured, no harm…just some annoyance and we all experience that on a daily basis, right?

I sashayed around with her coaching and by the end of our session together, was feeling sooo much better!! My attitude even got more confident.  The two ladies were making me feel so amazing with the compliments and encouragement.

The minor gym confusion was forgotten.

I then headed out to pick up my kids from school.  All the while, answering messages in the car before I headed out of the parking garage.

My son was late due to a track meeting he was attending.  So, I ran some errands with my youngest and came back to the school an hour later.  Then we had to pick up a previous prescription for my daughter from the day before.  I stopped at the pharmacy, only to find out they didn’t even get it in yet and it would take another day!

Exasperated; I just asked for the prescription back…I would fill it closer to home.

I was really tired by this time.  But guess what my older son tells me?  There’s a mandatory parent meeting tonight at 6pm for the track team.  Really?

So, I made it to the meeting and then I hit the gym one more (begrudgingly) time for a steady cardio session; per Jen’s request.


This shows my stats from a 12-15% incline workout for 45 minutes at a 3.0-4.0 pace.

I’m exhausted but feel like after today; tomorrow can only be better!!

But wait…doesn’t my meal plans change now?

to be continued….


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