Where’s The Food????

First, let me rephrase the statement I made previously in another blog that stated I was “excited and dedicated to the last two weeks of meal plans”….

Did I say that?

I plead the fifth…

I am nowhere near excited and the dedication is waning…not really but a gal can complain, can’t she?  I’m having a super horrible hungry day and nothing I do to sidetrack myself is coming close to helping!

The foods have almost disappeared.  Where are they?  Let’s show you a brief example of what I get to eat;

1/4 cup oatmeal, 5 egg whites with 2 oz spinach and 1 Tbsp. avocado….
Where’s the rest of it?  Oh, it must be coming in another meal.

Next:  chicken, 2 oz rice and spinach.  Hmmmmm…something seems amiss!

Meal 3:  protein shake mixed with water and 12 doggoned almonds…


Next;  chicken and spinach…
Next; chicken and spinach…
Next; chicken, spinach and 12 almonds…

WAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!   Me no likey…..

I’m regressing and I’m proud to admit it!  At least I get a Quest bar daily….ONE WHOLE BAR?????  Be still my (is it still?) beating heart!

So, I cheated today and had 2…

I’m still hungry…

Wait til tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Where’s The Food????

  1. Wow. I feel your pain. . . and hunger. Uggg.I can imagine how hard this is. You are SO close. The finish line is just ahead. Remember the horrible Spartan race. . when you got your cramp leaping over the wall? Sounds like today was your "cramp on the wall". And someone yelled at you to keep going? Tomorrow is a new day – and YES, you CAN do this! Please hang in there and show us "mortals" that it can be done! We are behind you every step of the way!

  2. I am inspired again…thank you!! Although I tend to let out my complaints; I am still completely dedicated and can't wait to enjoy my celebratory meal and dessert afterward…it won't be CLEAN at all!!! lol

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