Could Not; or Will Not?

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you feel like you are having an “out of body” experience and just watching yourself from the sidelines?

I’ve noticed this happening lately and it’s at the times when I am feeling low on foods; depleted and just exhausted.

I’m not one to mince words or try to hide the “real me”.  Yes, I can complain up a storm…as you have been reading in my most recent posts.  BUT…I’m HAPPY!!  In case you misinterpreted my rantings from my lack of carbs and extra exercise and soreness as an “unhappy” gal…you were mistaken!

I would never take on a challenge that I didn’t truly believe would benefit me in the long run.  I’m truly blown away by the amount of support that I’ve been shown lately, due to the upcoming competition and it’s one of the reasons I know I’m doing the right thing!

Even though I can whine and complain about my NO carb days and my low cal days…I know there’s a finish line and I’m not giving up.  How many times have you heard from others (maybe even yourself), that they wanted to attain a specific goal but just “couldn’t” do it?

Wait…did they say the “COULD NOT” do it?  Isn’t “WOULD NOT”; more appropriate?  I mean, granted, there are those who CANNOT do specific challenges due to physical ailments, or issues beyond their control but what I’m talking about is the fact that it’s “TOO HARD TO DO”!

I don’t accept this phrase.  Not in my vocabulary and not in anyone I am working with in terms of bettering their lives.

It’s a choice.  Yes, I’ve made this decision to be carb-depleted.  I knew the stakes ahead of time and still signed up for it.  Why?  Because it was a challenge.  I’m a firm believer in what doesn’t kill you…definitely makes you stronger.

Maybe it also makes you cranky, tired, irritable, etc…

But it won’t kill you.

So, the next time someone tells you that they “couldn’t” take on a challenge because it was just too difficult…remind them that it’s their choice and they really “COULD” do it if they wanted to!

I’d bet you could too!



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