Monday, Monday!

I’m sitting here on my couch; laptop perched on my lap, in complete exhaustion but I didn’t want to leave you without checking in for today.

I’m now 12 days out from my first ever bikini competition.  I am tired, sore and depleted…but I’m so freaking excited too!!!

Today proved to be a HUGE DAY!!  I woke up to my hour long “fasted” cardio session in the gym.  Ran home to eat breakfast and take my son to school.  Then it was time to teach our twice weekly boot camp class and then another meal (eaten in the car).

Off to Body Pump class and another meal enjoyed; again in the car!  Left the gym parking lot to drive to another gym about one hour away to “strut” my walk for the comp with my trainer, Jen.

That was fun!!  I’m feeling  more confident in my posing, holding each for at least 5 seconds and trying to remember all the details of each pose.  Will definitely be practicing each day so it feels “natural” when I’m up on stage!

From there, I had to drive back to pick up my kids from school.  I realized; as I sat in very slow traffic (due to some rain today…really??  Nobody can drive when there is some water falling from the sky???) that I would not be at my son’s school in time for his release. Called dear hubby to do the first pick up.  Drove to the high school to get my older kids; but I was almost an hour late!!  What??  I realized how much traffic sucks!

Anyway, came home to eat (yes, again!) and run off to the gym for my weight session and second cardio round.  Got home to eat dinner and check in with the family.  What a day!  I’m seriously exhausted but feeling the home stretch of this first competition.  This is keeping me energized like I’ve never known before!

My feet hurt.  I’ve got a massage scheduled for this weekend.  I’m tired.  So, I’ll get to sleep as soon as this blog is written.  Although the foods seem to get smaller in size these days; I am eating frequently and feel rather good  right now.  I’m excited for what is to come in the last days leading to the big day!  My trainer, Jen, says that I will be amazed at the changes I have in the last 7 days….EVERY single day!!  That sounds intriguing~

How was your Monday?  


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