Roller Coaster Of A Day!!!

Tuesday proved to be a rollercoaster of a day!

I woke up again to my fasted cardio and chose a HIIT workout on the stair climber for 60 minutes.  I felt strong while working out but immediately afterward; I was STARVING!!!  (see previous post regarding “prego hunger”…this was it to the MAX)

My breakfast wasn’t quite as filling as I would have hoped but I ate it and drank my two cups of coffee.  Which is the funny part; I’ve cut back on coffee in recent years to be more “healthy” and here I am able to drink more coffee to compete in the competition!  Anyway, I noticed right away that I didn’t feel “quite right”.

I was extremely exhausted, no energy and feeling more depleted than I have ever felt.  I reached out to my trainer who recommended I rest and drink some green tea.

Who would have thought that I could have felt so much better from just this small change?  I had been resting; due to the fact that I just couldn’t move…rest was guaranteed!  hahaha

Green tea to my rescue!!  I couldn’t believe how amazing it worked and I was actually able to get through the many errands and workload for the day.  And to think I almost felt the challenge was just “too extreme” for little ol’ me?  I stuck to the meal plans as were laid out for me.  I also fit in another 40 minute steady state cardio session after meal #5.

I have to admit that I enjoyed an extra 2 Quest bars to make it through but this was instead of the extra meal that Jen recommended I eat if I was too hungry.  I know that tomorrow is going to be better already. It seems like I can go up and down; hour to hour these days.

I actually look forward to my last week.  I have received the meal plans for the final week; as well as the water intake and changes during the week.  I have my list of supplements to take next week to help me drop my water and “pop” my muscles.   Interesting, right?

There will be daily photos from Monday on….I’m told my body will amaze me in the final week; day by day.  This sounds quite exciting.  I’ve asked my niece to handle my hair and makeup for the show.   I feel confident that she will make me “pop” and all I really need to take on now is the final week of eating and water intake.

My walk is getting better and I will continue to practice the strut.  I will be confident on March 10th.  I will do myself and my supporters proud.  


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