My Own Soda Experiment

Get ready to laugh…

I cried…lol

Seriously, you know how some days just hit you smack dab in the “grill”???  Today was that day.  Not that it was a typically “bad” day in any sense but I think the stress of accumulating issues from the past month and training and being busy with life just caught up with me today.

The funny thing was how I crossed my breaking point.

Now, granted, we are all humans; with busy lives, overscheduled days and many long “to-do” lists that never seem to get done.  We can only do our very best each and every day and move the top tasks to the next day…And so on…

Well, this happened to be an awesome month for me in my work but also stressful in being so busy with it all.  I am getting better at scheduling in my days and weeks so I am not inundated with too much “busy” work that doesn’t seem to progress me forward.  This takes learning; which leads to more time taken.


Today was no different from the other days.  I did some work at home in the morning.  Went to the gym to hit my workout.  Came home to finish some chores and run errands before it was “pick up” time from school.

Then, grocery store, laundry…and whatever else needed to be done.  My son had a track meet and just prior to picking him up and coming home to finish dinner; I ran into the produce store to stock up on fresh “goods”.  He called and told me he was done and I picked him up; then came directly home to unload the groceries from the car.

I happened to have a conference call scheduled at the same time; and as good of a multi-tasker that I am…I had the call going on while I happily and busily proceeded to put away the food items.

I took out a 2-liter of Sprite (which, I despise purchasing and only do so every now and then for my sugar-hyped family) and it slipped from my hands and fell directly upside-down on the tile floor.

CRASH!!  The bottle exploded and went catapulting across the floor; gushing all of it’s sugary-stickiness on my “just cleaned floors”….

Yes, I cried.  I was dripping wet with Sprite.  I was walking on stickiness across the floor that had been completely mopped clean only hours before.  My conference call dropped.  I cried some more.

Boy, did it feel good to cry!! By this time, I was a complete lunatic.  There was a river of Sprite in my kitchen and I was tired with groceries strewn across the sinks and floor of my kitchen…

I had my melt down.  Poor hubby!  He had to come down to a crazy wife with a huge mess and complete disarray.  I sobbed and proceeded to complain about every inch of my life that I could muster up some negativity (and it didn’t take much for me at this point….everything had suddenly turned into negativity out of my pity party); all the while mopping up sprite, together with my hubby, each of us trudging across the floor with over-sized beach towels.  Now that I think about it all, I can laugh.

Why can I laugh?  Because it was a “healing” of any and all stresses that had accumulated in my body and mind; and also my hubby’s.  He, too, hashed with me on our “towel-trudging” evening.  I think I’m feeling like the next month is going to be amazing…

Now that my floor is finally sticky-free!!


Make The Change…

There times in our lives when we feel like we are “stuck” in a phase and/or position and don’t know how to quite change it.  What to do?  How about just something?  What about anything?  

Chances are you ponder doing something about it; yet are afraid or unwilling to make the necessary steps. Stop and ask yourself what is it that you’re most afraid of?  Most times it’s the actual change that we fear.  Once you decide to just get over the fear and commit to the first step of change; your momentum kicks in immediately.
I am constantly working on this for myself.  I don’t want to regret not taking on challenges when I’m too old to do so.  (and I believe I’ll never be “too old”…)   I am fortunate to have a supportive group of people in my circle.  My hubby, kids, family and friends are mostly cheering me on and for the most part, positive to my commitments.  When I reach one milestone; it doesn’t take long for another to pop up and I’m all over it~ 
What would happen if I didn’t accept a challenge?  I know it would weigh heavily on my mind and with my OCD tendencies; I’d be guilting myself every hour of every day.  I could not imagine that type of mindset.  If I don’t commit to something; it usually means I’m not really interested in it or it’s not the right time for it.  Either way; I move on to the next.  
I also encourage my kids to have the same determination in all of their endeavours.  I have to say that so far, I am quite proud of what they take on and how much strength they gain with each challenge and task.  My daughter (who just turned 16) wanted her drivers’ permit.  I wasn’t about to go looking up all the information for her and making the necessary appointments.  
So, she did it.  She researched the online courses and committed her time to devouring the studies and taking the online tests.  She then asked me to make the DMV appointment and take her in for the written test.  I happily obliged.  She then found out how to get her “behind the wheel” training completed.  Now, she is constantly asking to drive when my hubby or I am in the car.  
Granted, at first, it made me nervous.  My “baby” wanted to be in control of the moving vehicle that I and my precious family (including SHE) were all being held victim in?  Excuse me?  
But, thanks to my supportive and always encouraging husband, she was able to do just that with confidence and great showmanship.
I am so proud.  
Yet there are so many of us who are still frightened to take the basic steps to start a change or learn something new.
I hear it all the time from people all over the area, the country; and other parts of the world. We are all basically, the same. We have similar desires and goals.  We want the same things from life.  “I want to lose weight; but I can’t”; “I want to make more money but I am stuck in this job”; “I want to take more time for myself but there’s not enough hours in my day”…
And on it goes…
But, what about the people who are making those changes and succeeding?  Do they have a magic weight loss drug or secret that they are not sharing?  Are they just “blessed” with the perfect job; the perfect hours and the perfect schedule?  Have they found some additional hours and added it to their day?  
So, what’s the deal?  
They just DID SOMETHING!!!
And guess what is even more exciting?  You can do the very same thing!! Yes, you can!!  Stop the excuses…stop whining…stop dragging your feet!!  It’s amazing how we can start to act like children when we “don’t feel like it”…”get bored by it”….”think it’s unfair that we hafta do this thing and nobody else does”…
Am I right; or am I right? 
How exciting would it be to just dive in?  You know, like jumping in to the pool before you feel the water with your toes.  Just go for it.  Whatever it is; decide and GO…
Now, all you have to worry about is what you really want.  

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!!! Tra-La-La-La-La-La

Today my daughter turned sixteen years old.

Don’t you remember when you turned 16?  I do too.  My mom played me Neil Sedaka’s “Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen” all morning long as my brothers and sister danced around and sang.

Where was I?

Face down in the couch.  I was mad.  I was grounded.  Yep, grounded on my 16th birthday.  Yippee.
I begged my parents to lift the restriction for my special day and allow me to go to Disneyland with my friends.


Could I at least have a small party with friends to celebrate?


So, what could I do then?  Apparently, listen to Neil Sedaka all morning and just appreciate that.  Excellent.  So, to say the very least; I did not really enjoy my “Sweet 16th” birthday as I should have.  It was probably my own fault, but I would never admit that at the time!!

It was a sweet feeling today to play the same song for my own daughter this morning as she readied for school.  I sang and danced around and replayed the song over and over and over again.  Oh, the joys of being a parent!!  We could take out our past “issues” or “desires”on our own!! bwahahahaha!!

It was great.  My youngest son said he had the song play in his head all day long.  My job has been done!

We celebrated with dinner and of course, the traditional, cake.  My daughter is a chocoholic who also would like that topped with an extra chocolatey chocolate!  The cake was super rich and I happily enjoyed the slice she cut for me.  There are times in life where we need to be “child like” and let our inner children emerge!

So, Happy Sweet Sixteenth, my dear sweet Amy.  May this year be filled with all the laughter, fun and blessings you could only dream of.  May you remember this day for your own daughter’s Sweet Sixteen.

And don’t think that I won’t be on your doorstep that morning playing sweet ol’ Neil Sedaka!!!

Yes! You Are Worth The FREE Sample of Shakeology!

Here’s my blog post to show my love to Shakeology!  If you’ve never tried it before and have been wondering how it tastes, makes you feel, blah, blah, blah…
This is for you! 

I know I’ve mentioned this amazing product over and over but I wanted to take some time and share with you all why I love it so much and how it has become a regular part of my daily nutrition.  I’ll take you back, back, back to the beginning…

It all started one day when I was posting on Facebook how much I was loving my P90X program which I had purchased from an infomercial one night.  Lo and behold, here comes one of my “friends” that I hadn’t known very long on Facebook but we shared similar interests and goals.  We got to talking and sharing about the workouts and then the Beachbody coaching opportunity was brought up and being the eager person I usually am, for a challenge…I signed up to help people achieve their own fitness and health goals even if I couldn’t do it in person.  What a rush!!

Anyway, she then starts talking about this “shake” and how I really needed to get on it.  Whatever, I thought to myself.  It’s just another “shake” and I really was eating “clean” already and didn’t need another product to purchase.

But guess what I did again?  You guessed it!  The “eager-always-up-for-a-challenge” person in me decided what the heck? I’ll give it a try and then probably end up just canceling it!  It was supposed to be “The most amazing health shake EVER!”  It was said to be life changing and help including your daily vitamins and minerals and help to bridge the gap in our daily diets…and, and, and…

whatever, I thought.

Really?  Could a “shake”really live up to this hype?  I highly doubted it!!

In one word:  YES!!  and then some…

I fell head over heels for this chocolatey-yumminess that was Shakeology.  It was dessert and vegetables in one yummy and decadent shake!  (without the “vegetable” taste!)  I won’t lie about the Greenberry; since it isn’t my favorite flavor, but I can easily mix up some greatness and enjoy it the same way.  (although, I am a true “choc-aholic!”)

The magic happened throughout that following month when I noticed that my energy levels were being raised and stabilized without the “jitteriness”of caffeine feelings.  I was able to increase my endurance in my workouts.  My body was staying “regulated”…(cuz everyone has to poop!  lol) and I wasn’t getting the irritating “sugar” cravings that I have battled since I was a hormonal teenager!!  woo hoo!!  Success!!

Some people (me included); panic at the price per month but I can guarantee you that is worth every single cent and more.  At just $3-$4 per serving, it is a bargain when you figure in all of the nutrition and vitamins and more!  Trade one of your “less than healthy” daily choices like your gourmet coffee house visit or fast-food/vending machine purchases and you’ve made up the cost of treating yourself in a healthy and fulfilling way!!  Over time, these simple, daily changes add years to your life by substituting the crappy “grab and go” choices with a better “shake and go” option.  If you replace this with one of your meals; you are now going to SAVE money in the long run!  But don’t take my word for it; watch this video and then find out how you can take advantage of trying a sample out for yourself!  I know you want to!!

Now are you ready to take the plunge into trying this awesome, health shake for a spin? I would require just a few things from you and your sample will be on it’s way!

1)  Be SERIOUS about purchasing Shakeology if you like the taste of the sample.  You cannot know how it helps your body without giving it a few weeks to a month anyway. 🙂

2)  Make sure I am assigned as your Team Beachbody Coach.  If I’m not your TBB Coach, you can register for a FREE membership here:  (just go to “join” and FREE membership info).  Even if you’re not ready to try Shakeology yet feel free to register for the free membership.  It would be an honor to be your coach and we can all use the accountability and motivation sometimes!

3)  Email me your name and address to  and your chocolate or Tropical Strawberry sample will be on it’s way.  🙂

I appreciate your time in reading my share with you today and hope I can help you have some fun with your health and fitness goals at this time!!

Family Is Love (My "sappy" Blog post!)

Okay, I’m going to get a bit “sappy” on you all today but you’re going to have to deal with it!!

Took a road trip today with my hubby to visit some family in Arizona.  I won’t go into details over our family time but I wanted to share the important issues that struck me through today’s journey.

We don’t get to pick our family and sometimes we aren’t even that close to certain people in our families but nonetheless; we should always have patience and kindness for those who have shown us love and support over our lives.

That being said; life sometimes just isn’t fair now, is it?  We all go through our different degrees of difficulties and seeing loved ones getting older and not as healthy as we once remember is one of these challenges.  It makes you want to cherish everything positive in your life and appreciate the ones you are most close to.  How many times have you told or shown how much you love your spouse, kids, family members?  Do you regularly go out of your way to do small “loving”practices for them without expecting anything in return?

In today’s society of running from one errand and task to the next; we can sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the smaller things in life.  In reality; they aren’t really that “small” after all…just not on our “to-do” lists!  Maybe we should start adding these to our daily and weekly reminders.  Schedule loving kindness shares during your next week.  I know I am.

What Did You Eat Today?

So, today didn’t as awesomely as I’d hope for on my eating plan.  Granted, I haven’t gone overboard completely after my show; as I’ve heard that many competitors have done since having to cut back so much in prep for the shows.

I had a few “cheats” but basically once your body isn’t used to eating quite as much anymore; it doesn’t take much to make you feel “oh soooo full!”  Then I went back to my first set of eating plans when I first began this journey to the stage; six months before.  I have been listening to my body and having what I’m craving at specific times but haven’t noticed too much of an issue so I’ve been satisfied.

Today, I was to start my low/high carb maintenance plan so that I can stay happy and as lean as possible before we begin intense training again.  Today was “low” day.  I thought it would be no problem!!

I had my breakfast; oats and egg white scramble with veggies.  Some coffee and “oh so little bit” of creamer…since it’s been a long while and I “deserved” some!  🙂  Then it was off to the gym to kick my upper body into gear and some HIIT training with my running for the upcoming Ragnar relay.

I came home and enjoyed a Quest bar and some yogurt mixed with some protein powder.

From there, it was time to go visit with some out of town friends from the gym and their new baby.  Fun!!  We met at Souplantation and I figured I’d just do my best and “forget the rest”…hehe

I made a large veggie salad and topped it with balsamic vinegar and a small amount of olive oil.  Perfect!! I even had some hot tea and stevia (which I brought with me…they do not supply that awesomeness yet!)

Seeing everyone enjoying their foods, I decided to get some soup.  I took the veggie-est one there with no cream base and it was great!  It had white rice in it which I don’t usually eat but “who’s counting, right?”  Then I got another bowl and this time “sampled” some of their cheesy focaccia bread.  OMG…was this legal foods???  AWESOMENESS!!!

So, of course, this only meant one thing.  I needed to “sample” once more and just to feel good about it, I also brought myself more of my soup.  That did the trick.  But now, dessert!! Everyone was enjoying the ice cream and the chocolate brownie “muffins”…they are NOT muffins, by the way!  lol

I opted instead for the chocolate and berry mousses topped with some peanuts.  It was low calorie but I know full of “crap” but oh well… that did it for me!!

Feeling like I had “enjoyed” my foods, I was off to run the rest of my day.  Shakeology with almond milk and peanut butter were enjoyed that afternoon since I needed something to tide me over before dinner at my sister’s house.

Now, that’s where I think it was just too much for me today.  (and I’m being brutally honest with you all so don’t criticize my own criticizing!)  We had barbecued chicken kabobs…yummy but not the white chicken breast that I’m normally accustomed to eating…

Then I “sampled” the potato salad and had just one more sample…it wasn’t much but it was so yummy and rich!!!  The green salad was awesome and I had my “legit”balsamic dressing to top it with.  Oh, you just HAD to have a piece of toast with some butter…WHAT???  And then a small scoop of rice…At least I was drinking my water!!

Some talking and visiting with some guests was nice and you know what that means…dessert!!  I was happy to have some of the coffee they served and honestly, only had a sliver of the pie that was brought out.  I wasn’t too tempted by that…what got me was the fresh whipped cream they made for the pie…but I liked it in my COFFEE!!

All in all…yes, it was a great day! I feel overly full but not sickeningly bloated and I know that is a huge accomplishment from past experiences!! I guess I will just enjoy this and know life is going to happen every now and again and the best we can do is to brush it off and move on!  I will follow this up with my HIGH carb day tomorrow…just cuz I want my protein pancake!!


What did you eat today???

April Challenge Brings May Balance!

Are you feeling frazzled and overworked?  Do you feel like you are being pulled into a hundred different directions?  Do you go to be at night feeling more tired and behind than you were the night before?

You’re not alone.  This is a common complaint among our busy culture these days.  And we need to put an end to it NOW!!!  All this is leading to are more impatient habits that are slowly killing us!  Fast-food restaurants, microwaveable meals, coffee houses, etc.  Where are we headed as a nation?  I can tell you it looks quite bleak.

But what if we were to set about a challenge in our own lives to start a change today?  No, you don’t have to eat all organic foods (although it is better for you) or take a course in meditation.  I propose something simple and duplicable…(I like saying this word…go ahead; try it out!)

My challenge is for you to join me for the whole month of April…(and,  yes, I’m fully aware that Easter and Spring Break both fall into this month but life doesn’t stop for us ever) in changing daily habits and sharing them with everyone in your life and community (Yes, Facebook and other social media outlets count!)

I will be posting daily activities to try, if you wish to join me but the basics will apply daily no matter what.  I ask that you share with everyone you can and please feel free to post under my blog posts to let us know how you are doing and what is happening around you.

Before we begin, I will ask that you join me in “Operation Clutter Control”…

Typically, if our homes are cluttered and out of control; there is not much hope left for any other changes we hope to achieve.  Pick a day in this month of March (typically a weekend day) to take care of this before we launch our April challenge.

Here are the items you will need for “operation clutter control” or for shorter reference; “OCC”:

Trash bags, 5 large boxes or tubs labeled; “Get rid of”, “file”, “put away”, “I’m not sure”.  (you can also label another one “trash” but the trash bags can simply do the trick).  Also, have a notebook or 2 sheets of paper and title one page;”Things to do” and the other, “Furniture to get rid of”.
(I got this wonderful idea from “The Money Saving Mom’s Budget” by Crystal Paine) 😉

On the day of your “OCC”; remove all distractions that may pull you away from your task.  Mute your phones, turn off the TV and computers and have all small children be watched by a sitter or responsible family/friend.  Don’t answer the door or phone and have food on hand for meals later that evening or day!

You will grab a timer (this is the fun part…no overtime working here!) and set it for 30 minutes per room.
Ready?  Set? Go!!!

1.  Scan the room quickly and see if all of your furniture is serving it’s purpose.  If not, write it down on your sheet of paper that’s titled, “Furniture to get rid of”.  Move on…
2.  Put all the trash into the trash container/bag.
3.  Look at all flat surfaces and put anything that doesn’t belong in the room into your “get rid of”, “file”, “put away”, or “I’m not sure” boxes.
4.  Go through every closet, drawer and cupboard.  Be ruthless!  No deep cleaning is allowed; this is clutter removal at it’s very best!  Work quickly; the timer is on!  As you analyze each item and decide whether or not to keep or toss it; ask yourself the following questions;

Do I need this item? (be honest) Do I use this item regularly? (6 month rule applies to this) Do I like this item? (no sentimental attachments allowed if you dislike it in the first place…give it away!) Is this item taking up space I don’t have?

5.  As you are going through your rooms, you may notice projects that need to be worked in…such as painting a wall, replacing broken fixtures and more but just take note and write it down on your “projects to tackle” sheet for later.  Move on.
6.  Once the timer dings, you’re done with this room.  Take a small break if you must and repeat on another room.
Finish all rooms in your home and then reassess if you need to repeat this process on another day in the next week or so to complete more unfinished clutter.  Don’t get caught up in sentimental reminiscing; just move from one item to the next as in automatic pilot.

Once you’ve completed all rooms in your home, empty the trash, put anything away into it’s proper place from the “put away” box and file all items from the appropriate box.  You can then spend an hour going through the “I don’t know”  and “get rid of” piles.  Evaluate the items and decide whether you want to keep it, throw it out, give it away or sell it.

You can always host a neighborhood garage/yard sale to generate some money and “bless” someone else with your loved items.

Once this is complete; April will be a whole new beginning!!

Who’s excited??