The Un-Spazzed Out Version Of Me!!

It’s kinda strange feeling this “out of it” and relaxed this week.  The funny thing with my personality is that I’m a hyper “spazzed” out type; who is always busy and never sitting still for too long.  I drive my poor, calm hubby crazy!  =)

But without enough carbs and this crazy eating for my last week pre-comp; I feel strangely “calm”.  Not sure if it’s a good thing or not but I’m enjoying it, nonetheless.

I noticed more about myself today than I had in a long time.  I took time and let other people rush ahead of me.  I smiled and spoke more slowly.  Heck, people may think that I’m “on something” but isn’t that kinda norm these days?  lol

I’m just lacking energy.  My dear SIL said I look exhausted.  I am.  But I know I still feel good and I know it’s less than a week away.  The hardest thing about today was drinking a whole 2 gallons of water! I think I’m floating!  hehehe

Anyway, still looking forward to my fun foods next Saturday and still deciding on whether I will do the WBFF in July.  Not sure yet.  Don’t get me wrong; I want  to but don’t know if it’s the best thing for me and my family!  We’ll see when this next weekend is over.

Today was a rest day so that meant no workouts and my body was happy.  Tomorrow may be a challenge in getting the energy mustered up to workout!  I will do my best and if need be; I’ll just take it easy.  My trainer said I’d be very low on energy this week so it’s no surprise. I’m looking forward to my massage tomorrow afternoon and maybe a long, nice nap.  Awww…the simple things!

I always look to see what each experience “teaches” me in life and I have to admit that this has been a huge lesson in patience, kindness and learning how to enjoy life on a slower pace.  Maybe it will help me out in the long run.  I’m sitting with the kids more and talking about their days.  I took a nice and leisurely walk with hubby tonight.

I thing I could get used to this.  But just give me some carbs to go along with it!! 


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