What Is Pushing You Today?

Do you have goals for yourself this year?  Do they make you a little bit nervous?  If so, I want to congratulate you on taking that challenge on.

If not, why not?  Why be stuck in the “normal” and “routine” every day, in and out?  You will never be able to enjoy the rush and excitement (as well as the tough stuff) that comes from achieving something that you have always wanted to take on.  If it scares you a little, than you’ve chosen the right challenge!

I’m asked why I decided to take on a bikini competition at this time of my life.

“How did you find out about this?”  “What made you take this on with a family?”  “How can you eat that way while living a busy life?”

These are some of the questions I’ve been asked and I’m always happy to answer them with my positive response of: “If not now, when?”  Why not enter it now?  Why NOT when I’m living a busy life with a family and home business?  It’s a challenge in itself and I never want to one day “wish” that I had done what I dreamed of.

This is my final week before my first bikini competition.  I won’t lie (and I never have held back with my honesty here!); this is the toughest part, so far.  But, it’s also the “finish line”.  Isn’t this the point in a race where you have to dig in and push harder than ever?  That’s my mind set.

Yes, there are a few setbacks along the way..even in this last week.  But it won’t stop or slow me down.  The daily momentum that we build can only move us further.  You may notice (as I have); that for every 2-3 steps forward, there may be 1-2 steps back every now and again.  But guess what?  You’re still ahead!!  Don’t get caught up in the negative…focus only on the positive!

My energy levels this week are extremely low.  I move slowly.  My reactions are slower.  I find that it’s almost “relaxing” to not react to things as quickly as I normally would.  (positive over the negative)

When I walk; my legs feel super heavy.  With every footstep, I feel as though I have lead weights strapped to my legs.  I run out of breath (or at least I feel like I do) easier than usual.  It’s hard to climb the stairs in our home.  I am excited though.  Why?  Because I know that after this Saturday; this will pass.  I will feel energy return and I can only imagine how awesome I will feel following this extreme fatigue.  You can only get better from here, right?

So, focus today on the goals you have been putting off.  I know they are there. Write at least 5 or 10 of those down; even if they seem ridiculous to you.  Having them written down and posting them somewhere that you can see each day may start your mind moving into another direction.

The sky is the limit…you are the only roadblock that is in your way!!  I believe in you!!  


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