2 Days Out!!!

Is it really already here?  I’m so surprised that I’m only one day out from my very first bikini competition!! EEEEKKK!!!  Okay, got that outta my system!  haha

I have found this journey to be a major learning experience.  I have learned that I am able to follow a meal plan; strict and strange as it may be.  I learned that I can push myself out of my “comfort zones” in my workouts; time of workouts; amount of workouts and more, when I am doing it for a specific “reason”.  I learned that there are more people than I realized who are supporting me, cheering me on and giving me advice and encouragement along the way.  I learned that everyone wants to be acknowledged in some way.

I am in awe.

It’s kind of strange to think I started all of this “craziness” when I decided to push myself into a level which I thought was close to impossible for me.  Who could possibly eat like that?  How in the heck could my body ever look like that at my age?  Would I have the support that I needed to continue?  Would it be unhealthy for me?

I feel that I already beat my challenge.  I have already accomplished all these and more just by following the plans and being committed and accountable to my trainer, family, friends, and YOU!  By getting up on stage and strutting my “walk” and holding all my poses; I’ll only be highlighting this amazing journey. I feel like a true winner.  Which is what we all should feel from time to time.

Now these past two weeks have been the most challenging of all.  I’m not talking about the workouts.  Seriously; and I’ve said this before, give me a workout and I’ll kick some major butt.  I can only get stronger in my squats, curls, plyos, lunges, etc…but the meal plans…ugghhhh!!!

I had to cut out carbs completely for this past 10 days.  NO carbs.   Not one.  No fruits, no rice, no potatoes, no wraps, nothing.  Oh, maybe the veggies.  yipppeee…

I was eating every 2 hours…which, at first, sounded like a party for a carb depleted gal…not so much!!  Although, yes, I was able to eat every 2 hours; I was limited to chicken/tilapia/egg whites (and not all at once!) and spinach/asparagus/cucumbers/green peppers.

That’s it.  You expected MORE???  Well, so did I!!!

Imagine every 2 hours you are eating again; but the foods never change!! It’s like the movie “Groundhog Day”; but with foods!  Make it stop, please!!!

Then the water consumption…not so much fun, either!  The first day of this week had me drinking 2 gallons of water. Yes, you read that correctly.  2 whole gallons of water.  chug, chug, chug…
I actually googled how much water was TOO much water cuz I thought I might die.  The following two days were down to 1 gallon; which made me very happy indeed.  Then we were cut down to 1/2 gallon…not so happy anymore!  Today was 1/4 gallon…that’s just 4 cups!!  And tomorrow???  Tomorrow we get a whopping 20 ounces of water AND some water pills.  I have also been taking some herbal drops in the final three days.  Those are no big deal.

So, there you have it.  I’m on the home stretch and I’m excited.  Today; I was finally able to add in some carbs.  Every 2 hours now, I’m eating the same protein choices, smaller amount of the green veggies and now either some brown rice or sweet potatoes.  Amazing how my energy levels perked back up!!

I will definitely look forward to tomorrow.  I cannot work out.  I will get my nails done.  I will be sprayed down in a very dark tan.  I’m told that I’ll be using a plastic cup on comp day to urinate.  You wanted to know that, right?  Well, ME NEITHER!!!!

The story continues tomorrow….


One thought on “2 Days Out!!!

  1. Wow, that's serious dedication! Congrats Kathy, I'm so excited for you and have enjoyed reading about your journey. You don't need luck but I am sending you lots of fabulous energy. Have a great time!!

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