My Results From My First Show!!!

Where to even begin?

I didn’t get to write about my show yet; since I was completely exhausted and wanted to just simmer in the afterglow of the winnings!!

YES, I placed 2nd in my division AND 3rd overall!! This means that I also have qualified for Nationals and USA!  GET OUT…..

I will go back to the morning of my show.  I woke up at 5am; if you can call it “waking up”…since I really didn’t sleep much due to the crazy and dark tan I was sprayed with the evening prior.  The stuff just rubbed off if you were to get wet or sweat anywhere on your body.  It was really strange.  Like being dipped in a bronze bath and trying not to mess it up for my show the next day.  So, how does one sleep in this manner?  I wrapped a dark sheet around my body and tried not to get too warm; touch my legs or arms with each other or even let my hands or arms rest on myself.  Pretty un-comfortable… to say the very least.

So, yes, finally woke out of bed at 5am.  Made my meals for the entire day.  I packed 5 meals (pretty much what I was eating the last two weeks), some water, corn thins, peanut butter, honey, and candy.

Yes, I was told by my trainer to pack candy for today.

Then, I ate my first meal and straightened my hair.  No shower since I was bronzed from head to toe.  No deoderant so that it wouldn’t stick to my skin and ruin the tanning.  No lotions or perfumes of any kind whatsoever.  So, basically I would end up smelling a bit funky.

My niece came over and styled my hair and applied my makeup for the day.  To this, I was very thankful since I am not the best at these things.  I got dressed in my suit, coverup, shoes, jewelry and practiced more of my strut.

I knew this day would be long.  I had no idea how exhausted it would leave me at the end.

We were off at 8am.  I was supposed to be at the site at 9:00 for a meeting to review our day’s events.  Excitement and nervousness set in.  This was it!! All of the previous months of work and meal planning were finally going to be put to the test.

When we arrived, I immediately ran to the tan touch up area since I had spilt some water down my chest after brushing my teeth and it had left a long blotchy line.  uggh…

I also had blotches all over my back and legs due to sleeping, sitting, and well…just being “normal”…

From there, I went to hear the meeting and the details for the day.  We waited in the auditorium for our group to be called up.  They explained how we would walk up when it was our turn, how to turn, what to do.  It seemed a bit overwhelming but I just smiled anyway.

From there we were escorted into the “dressing room” area.  It wasn’t really a dressing room but a band room for the college that was converted, quite haphazardly into a dressing area.  There were mirrors propped up against the walls and outlets for our curling irons and straighteners.

From here, it was a waiting game.  My trainer met me around 11:00 and helped me with my last minute touch ups and encouraged me to eat some candy before we went on stage.  That was exciting since I haven’t had sugar in quite some time.  It made me giddy and spazzy and I was super hyper!!  Practiced more strutting, watched the men’s competition on the teleprompter in the dressing room.

Then they called out our division.  OMG!!  It was time!! I decided to listen to all of the tips that Jen had given me over the past few months.  Don’t worry about the other competitors.  It was just about me and focusing in on the judges.  Hit all of my poses and BAM!!  make it happen…

We waited behind the curtain and were called out as a group.  We walked to the front of the stage and continued to the sidelines to await our individual call outs.  When it was my turn, I remember focusing in on the judges and hitting all of my poses but my body was just shaking.  I was calmer than I had been earlier but the nerves got the best of me and I was fighting the shakes.  Although, I felt shaky; I still felt strong and confident!  All went well and my hubby said it wasn’t even remotely shown in the way I posed.  After our individual posing, we lined up again with the other girls and awaited all to take their turn.  Then the judges called some of us out to the center stage again.  I was called.  I had no idea that it was only five of us called out.  I was still focused in on the judges and “hitting” my poses!
Apparently, this meant that I would place in top five.  OMG!!! Jen was so proud and supportive afterward too so that always helps me feel confident.

From there, we waited.  I went with Ben to get him some lunch.  I was still only able to eat the foods I brought so that I wouldn’t “bloat up” for the evening finals.  We waited in the fast food chain.  We waited in the car.  I waited back in our dressing area.  I finally decided to get retouched with the spray tan again; since it comes off so easily and I wanted as flawless of a look as possible!  That’s when a few of my good friends texted that they would come and watch the evening show.  How exciting!!  It was actually getting filled up.

The seats were sold out and there was a buzz about the area.  This was a National qualifying competition so it was going to be exciting!!  I resprayed and waited some more.  We waited for the men to compete again and watched from our teleprompter as they were awarded in each division.

I was starting to bonk.  This seemed to be the most difficult time to wait.  My body was tired, cold and shaky.  I wanted it to be over and I couldn’t even sit down since I was worried about ruining my tan again!  Going to the restroom proved to be a challenge for this reason too but good thing I had those plastic cups!! Just like visiting the doctor’s office.  TMI?  Too bad!!

Jen came back and helped readjust my suit and apply the muscle sheen to make my muscles POP!!  I told her I was tired and again she suggested the candy.  I had a few more pieces but this time it didn’t really do much more than keep me awake.  I had no energy left.  I was shivering and shaking and so tired.

But then we were called up again.

This time, they announced our names, one by one as we walked out on stage to do our evening posing. This was fun.  The music was pumping and the auditorium was full.  We popped and shaked and posed.  Then we were asked to exit the stage and they would call the five finalists.

They called my name fifth.  My hubby said he was nervous I wasn’t going to be called out and they waited to say my name last!

We lined up and awaited our “placings”.

I was still focused in on the judges and hitting my poses and smiling to show I was here!  They called a name for fifth place…not mine.  They called a name for fourth place and again, not mine.  Then they called someone for third place and when it wasn’t mine…I became excited that I was going to finish in the top two!!

Then they called my name.  I came in #2 for my division in my first ever show at the age of 40.

I was enthralled.  How awesome!  We were congratulated and lead off stage.  Then I waited for the overall division.  This time; we repeated the whole sequence once again and I was placed in third place.  This division included all ages in my height range; so I was so honored to place this high!

Just to place at all is quite an achievement, I’m told.  Heck, what do I know?  I was a newbie!!!

After it was all done, I ran out to meet Ben and Jen.  (heehee…they rhyme).  My friends had left after I was awarded due to the length of the show but I was so happy that they came to support me.  I am also thankful to all who supported me from afar…I know who you all are!! Thank you for being there!

I took some pictures with both Ben and Jen and my two trophies.  I was so excited and proud and now; hooked!! What a rush!! What a feeling!!  I was definitely on cloud 9!!

After congratulations were done; Ben and I said our goodbyes and headed out the door.  I get  to eat!!! I get to sleep!!  I was so exhausted and giddy at the same time.

On the way home, Jen texted my phone again.  Guess what?  she writes.  I hope you know that this means you qualify for the Nationals and USA…top 3 in each division.


To be continued…


One thought on “My Results From My First Show!!!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing! What an amazing day topping off months of preparation! Love the candy and cup details 🙂 I'm looking forward to following your adventures in the months to come! ❤ Laurie

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